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3 Leaves

Single- and multiplayer card game with animated pictures of

Publisher: Sergey Tkachenko 

Ultimate Gin v1.4

The card classic, gone digital! Choose from various

Publisher: Accidental Software 

1000: Lots of Happiness in the Game v1.1

A fun and addictive classic card game that's played with

Publisher: Ivolga 

Net Gin Rummy

Play Simple, Standart or Oklahoma Gin Rummy variations with

Publisher: NetIntellGames 

eNerts v2.0 3.0

This is a competitive, fast paced solitair like card game

Publisher: Drake 

Classic Cribbage 2 (Macintosh)

Popular throughout the English speaking world, Cribbage

Publisher: Freeverse Software 

Free Play-Luxury Edition 2.0

The Luxury Edition is an improved version of the FreeCell

Publisher: Fine Art Studio 

SmartBridge v3.1

This game allows you to play bridge rubber, duplicate, or

Publisher: Francesco Barcio 

The Game of Sevens v2.2

Play this challenging but east to learn card game against

Publisher: Igloo Software 

Hoyle Card Games v1.0

This game inclused some card games played against computer

Publisher: Peter Oaks