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Bridge Baron 10

This is a great computer version of the card game bridge...

Publisher: Great Game Products Inc. 

SmartBridge v3.1

This game allows you to play bridge rubber, duplicate, or...

Publisher: Francesco Barcio 

Card Game 21

The object of this game is to get 21 or as close as...


Jonggy v1.71

Build your cards in order according to color and suit to...

Publisher: Eternity Zone Gaming 

Crazy 8s Expert 1.1

Crazy Eights Expert is the Windows version of the famous...

Publisher: Pellenc Software 

Road Trip v1.2

Accumulate points by playing mile cards and trying to avoid...

Publisher: Carcajou Software 

Net Gin Rummy

Play Simple, Standart or Oklahoma Gin Rummy variations with...

Publisher: NetIntellGames 

Classic Cribbage 2 (Macintosh)

Popular throughout the English speaking world, Cribbage...

Publisher: Freeverse Software 

The Game of Sevens v2.2

Play this challenging but east to learn card game against...

Publisher: Igloo Software 

Hoyle Card Games v1.0

This game inclused some card games played against computer...

Publisher: Peter Oaks