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Card Game 21

The object of this game is to get 21 or as close as

Publisher: Marty Imolczyk 

Bridge Baron 10

This is a great computer version of the card game bridge

Publisher: Great Game Products Inc. 

SoLaTor Casino

This is a great collection of popular card games such as Pai

Publisher: LaTor Software 

CyberTarot v2.7a

This is a tarot reading system with a comprehensive online

Publisher: AxisMundi, Inc. 

Dice 1000 v1.0

A variation of the popular game One-Thousand

Publisher: Marc-Andre Seekamp 

SpiteNET: Spite and Malice

A fast moving and addictive card game with an attitude

Publisher: Mari JP Soderberg 

8 Away v1.0

this is a traditional card game requiring logical moves to

Publisher: eBrainyGames 

Double Patience v1.13

This is a card game for two people to play

Publisher: Jan Nijland 

Win11 v1.07

Fast paced card game in which you race against time to

Publisher: colorcube software 

Hardwood Spades

This isn't just grandma's spades game

Publisher: Silver Creek Entertainment