Net Gin Rummy

Play Simple, Standart or Oklahoma Gin Rummy variations with...

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Net Gin Rummy

Play Simple, Standart or Oklahoma Gin Rummy variations with your friends and PC.

Play Gin Rummy with your friends and PC.

Gin game first appeared in early 1900s, but only in 1930s the game of Gin became really popular as it was played by Broadway and Hollywood stars and was featured in multiple movies. So it is not surprising that Gin gains its scores in the new age of computers and Internet!

The most popular variation of the gin games Gin Rummy has fairly simple rules and exciting gameplay. Our Net Gin Rummy gives you a chance to play the game with computer bots or live opponents by the Internet or LAN. It is also possible to play simultaneously on two tables easily switching from game to game. For each table you can

- choose the gin variant from Simple, Standard or Oklahoma Gin;

- use your own rules for the score system;

- change information window settings;

- select cards and cloth views;

- choose and edit the sound scheme.

Gin Rummy is good for adults and children and could be a great family game!

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