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Twitlit Wars Manual 0.8

Publisher: Budgiekarl 

UFO, the card game v1.05

Play against various aline creatures that talk

Publisher: NecroBones Enterprises 

Funcrd v1.3

This is a collection of card games for your computer

Publisher: The Softgame Co. of Vermont 

500 (for Remote Access)

This game is the popular card game of five-hundred

Publisher: G.M. McKay 

DeadEnd 3.0

This simple card game was popular in the south of Russia

Publisher: Team Voland's Retinue 

Dynamic Gin v1.26

This computerized version of the classic card game gin

Publisher: Cybersym Technologies 

Briscola v1.1

Unlike other versions of this simulation of the classic

Publisher: NeeperSoft 

Draw Setback v2.00

Play against a computer opponent in this challenging card

Publisher: Steven Schmidt