Hardwood Spades

This isn't just grandma's spades game

  • Category Other
  • Size 7 MB
  • Program by Silver Creek Entertainment

Hardwood Spades

This isn't just grandma's spades game. With it's medieval theme and cool fantasy characters, 3D playing cards, Hardwood Spades puts plain solitaire games to shame. Play online, or by yourself.

Unlike most card games, Hardwood Spades actually LOOKS like a game. You'll find at it's core the classic game of Spades, but on top of that is a wonderful fantasy theme that brings fairies, dragons and trolls into the mix. 31 different characters in all.

Each character you play is customizable letting you really tweak their appearance. Make a hag look like a princess in a few clicks.

With FOOMs you can blast other players with fireballs or lightening if they yank your chain, or send them a shower of gold and a flying kiss if you need to show them love. It's up to you, but either way it adds more fun than you can shake a wand at.

Let the wise gnome instruct you how to play if you are new to Spades or your just a little rusty.

Play Spades online with players from across the land.

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