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Hoyle Card Games v1.0

This game inclused some card games played against computer

Publisher: Peter Oaks 

DoubleCard v1.02

This is a memory card game where you can create your own

Publisher: Ursiny Communications Inc. 

Winning Bridge v2.0

Here is a cool bridge playing card game

Publisher: Gerald Wilson 

Noisy Poker and Blackjack

These two games are similar to the video draw poker and

Publisher: Ultisoft 

Fun Crazy Eights

Modern version of world famous 'Crazy Eights' card

Publisher: AimGames 

1001 v1.2

This entertaining card game can now be played against your

Publisher: Johannes Wallroth 

The King v1.0

Here is a challenging card game that is recommended to

Publisher: Trian Sofware 

Futhark 1.0

FUTHARK, the game of runes, is based on the classic French

Publisher: Eternity Zone Gaming 

Canasta 3.01

This is the sixteen bit version of the strategy cardgame

Publisher: Canasta on the Web 

Network SpeedCard v1.1

This is a simple dual-player card game played over a LAN or

Publisher: Declan Software