1. CAD & PLM Software


Software designed for businesses to simulate computational fluid dynamics in products for the real world


Business mapping application to trace routes and visualize product journeys, delivery paths, and other geographic information


CAD software built specifically with creating 3D solid objects in mind

COMSOL Multiphysics (formerly FEMLAB)

Solve ordinary differential equations and PDEs, run realistic physics and engineering simulations, and conduct virtual experiments


CAD software with a comprehensive drafting palette and powerful design tools for architects and mechanical engineers

ExpressPCB Plus

Simple and intuitive PCB layout software that is perfect for novices as well as experts

OrCAD Capture

Computer Aided Drafting solution designed specifically for the planning and production of printed circuit boards

Ultimaker Cura

3D printing profiles with workflow management features and native integrations for all of the industry's leading software packages


An open-source engineering and physics simulation platform with libraries for computational fluid dynamics calculations

AutoCAD Plant 3D

Facility-wide computer aided design solution that encourages collaboration between members of different departments and teams