1. CAD & PLM Software


Break down information silos and connect employees and team managers with they information they need to more effectively manage every product's lifecycle


Mathematical computational system with powerful features for modeling, complex algebraic expressions, charting, and numerical data visualization

Scribble Maps

An online mapping platform with several data filtering features and options for convenient annotation and interactive file creation

aPriori Digital Manufacturing Simulation Software

System designed to generate potential production data along a manufacturing pipeline for companies

PTC Windchill

Help all of your manufacturing teams collaborate with one another and stay on the same page

Autodesk EAGLE

Automated your engineering department's printed circuit board design with click-and-drag component arrangements and a massive library of schematics

CMS IntelliCAD

A feature-rich CAD program with numerous tools and features to ensure your projects are made perfectly


A program that manages all aspects of the product lifecycle to ensure success in the market

GNU Octave

Simple yet powerful high-level programming language designed with mathematical equations in mind

Autodesk Vault

Store and process drawings, which can then only be seen by a few privileged users