1. CAD & PLM Software


Innovative mapping system and platform that relies on live location data to deliver information-rich maps


A geospatial suite that gives you all the tools you need to make intricate designs

Windchill PDMLink

web based system designed to manage product data for geographically distanced teams


Computer-aided machining (CAM) software that integrates natively with CNC platforms and runs on Rhinoceros 5.0 and 6.0


A sketching program that allows you to create drawings and to make your art come to life

Agisoft PhotoScan

Creative app designed to scan photos and create 3D objects based on the photo data

Carlson Survey

Land surveying application that enables the drawing, review, annotation, and editing of AutoCAD and IntelliCAD files

SolidWorks xDesign

Collaborate design software that offers full functionality and project syncing across mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop devices

SolidWorks Composer

Graphic design software that transforms digital 3D models into images for publications such as manuals

Ansys Maxwell

This program is a field solver that helps solve and stabilize electromagnetic fields