Circle of Seven

Kyle has vanquished the demon Davilion and peace rules over...

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Circle of Seven

Kyle has vanquished the demon Davilion and peace rules over the land.


Title : Circle of Seven

Release Date : 3/19/00

Version : 1.00

Author : K. Axel Self

Email : [email protected]



Kyle has vanquished the demon Davilion and peace rules over

the land. Our hero has settled down to enjoy the good life:

family, friends, and quiet. Meanwhile, in a land named Yar,

chaos reigns. The mages there, the Cicle of Seven, have been

captured by the evil god Strife. Their last act was to summon

a hero to save them and their homeland. Guess who that hapless

hero was.


Yes, several.


None discovered yet. Give it time, though, human fallibility

must be in there somewhere. If you find a problem, I would

appreciate a quick note.


Well-rounded characters work best (very high strength doesn't

do you any good if you don't have enough agility to hit

anything). Save early, save often. Every time you die, it has

the same effect on you as going down one level. At the first

part of the game, you will have an opportunity to create your

own character. Below are some guide lines. All the classes have

been play-tested, however, the "rounded" character seemed to do best.

Character Generation


Warrior Mage Thief Round


HP 100 75 90 100

SP 15 50 45 40

ST 30 12 14 20

AG 25 23 28 30

IN 5 23 14 5

You can see that agility is important to all the classes. In play-testing

The mage was by far the hardest class to play (mostly my fault for not

being able to design balanced spells to keep mages alive). Of course,

the character is yours. Build it how you wish. Try diffent combinations,

you'll see a big difference in game play.


Thanks first to my wife for putting up with being a "computer widow"

while I was working on this. Thanks also to Kyle for an enjoyable

game with so much playablity. Thanks to Jane for some tiles that actually

look like what they're supposed to be (a skill I haven't mastered yet)

and some great design help.


Like the last level, this one is gender specific. Sorry, that's just

the way it is. Hopefully, that doesn't detract from it's joy to play.

--To charge or not to charge--

I was faced with a dilemma when creating this level. As you may know, some

authors charge for their levels. A KQ level takes a lot of time and

energy to create, and I like to believe that my time is worth just as

much as the next guy's (or gal's). I could not, however, charge for this

level in good conscience. I don't believe that it would be in keeping with

the intent or spirit of Kyle's Quest.

I have, however, come up with an alternative. I ask that if you enjoyed this

level and would like to see others like it (or not like it, for that matter),

you mail a postcard to me. The postcard should be a picture of something

unique to your area and state where you are from. My wife and I will be

keeping a large map marked with all the places we get a postcard from.

My belief was that very few people would respond to this type reciprication,

but my wife firmly believes that if people like the level, they'll write (I

still say most would rather pay the $5 to download, but what do I know? Heck,

most people probably won't even get this far into the readme file, lol). So,

there's your true challenge. Email and electronic cards don't count. Send

a postcard. Keep it free. Cards should be addressed to:

Kenneth Self

5938 Highpoint Dr.

Columbus, GA 31909 (USA)


Legal Junk


(c) 2000 Kenneth A. Self. All rights reserved.

This level may be distributed only via the internet for no charge

whatsoever to the recipient provided this text file is included and

neither files are altered. Void were prohibited. Do not operate heavy

equipment while using this level. No shirt, no shoes, no service. If

at any time you feel dizzy or light-headed, discontinue use. Not intended

as a spouse substitute. If injested, drink water or milk and contact

poison control immediately. No purchase necessary. See box for details.

Prizes must be claimed by 12/31/69. Unplug before attempting to service.

Contents may settle during shipping. See back for rules. For external

use only. Not to be used with levels of another author. Service dogs

permitted. Flamable. If symptoms persist, contact a physician. Keep out

of reach of children. Tax and title extra. To approved costomers only.

Contains no lead. For questions, call someone who cares. Do not immerse.

Do not mix with alcohol. Swimming allowed only in authorized areas.

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