The Adventures of Dakota A.

Fun game with a good story for your palm...

The Adventures of Dakota A.

Fun game with a good story for your palm.

The Adventures of Dakota A.

Unregisterd Version 1.0

Registration Cost $15

April 17, 1998

Virtual Overload

[email protected] or MutVR on DalNet's #pilot-pda

NOTICE: Delete versions 0.95 or earlier before installing new

version. This version is the last version that it will

be required to do so. Install both dakota.pdb and

demo.pdb to play.

New Features from 0.99b to 1.0:


We wanted to make sure it went through serious testing

before releasing 1.0, which it has gone through. There

are no major bugs that prevent playing to our knowledge.

There was a slight problem with the database for the

second level, which we fixed.

Features from 0.95 to 0.99b:


1. Using physics model to make player jumping realistic.

2. Multi-level support!

3. Backward scrolling

4. Entrance screen

5. Minor hidden changes again.

6. More enemies.



Dakota A is an agent for the DJA and is sent into the

presidential palace of a cuntry that is suspected of hiding

something from the world. It is believed that it is Nuclear

Weapon Technology, so Dakota is sent in to verify whether they

do or do not posses this technology. If he finds

out that they do, he must destroy every component of that

technology before he is caught and killed.

Legal Stuff:


My legal friends tell me I need to plug this in, so please

make sure you realize it's there in case you want to blame me.

"The Adventures of Dakota A" is provided "as-is" and without

warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. I can accept no

liability for data loss or any other problems caused directly

or indirectly by the use of "The Adventures of Dakota A"

The Adventure of Dakota A is copyright 1998 by Charles Aldarondo

It is shareware; this means that you may try it for a time, and

if you decide to continue using it, you should register it.

(Read the registration section for details). If you decide not

to register it, you really should stop using it.

You may give unregistered copies to others under the same terms

as described above. Please do not give out the registered version.

The Adventure of Dakota A (and this document) may be included on any

disk or CDROM of shareware sold by non-profit organizations. If you

wish to include it in a commercial software collection, please

contact us at [email protected]



To start playing this adventure, install Dakota.prc and demo.pdb

and start up Dakota. To move yourself, use the hardware buttons

with the button instructions below (current version has stylus

movement disabled) You can now move both forward and backward

in this version, in case you miss something on your way.

Current implementation includes:


1. Smooth Scrolling of board and player

2. Brand new graphics designed by Gary Morton ([email protected])

3. Ability to load different worlds

4. Used physics model to make player jumping realistic.

5. Keeping of score, time, and lives

6. Life and Ammo giving points, while Poison killing.

7. Open doors only finish level.

8. Editor available in Java to create your own worlds!

9. Visit (P.E.Z.) for levels to play,

we'll be posting them there, along with any others people create

(E-mail us if you create a PDB, so we may add it to our collection)

Current items disabled in this release:


1. Stylus movement has been disabled.

Movement with stylus was causing refresh problems.

If you really want that, please e-mail me so I know

how much I should focus my concentration on it.

2. Access to Computers and Cabinets has been

disabled until we implement control in the

editor to give them properties.

Future plans include:


1. "Puzzles" to solve along the way in order to finish a level.

2. High Scores list

4. Tunnels and doors transporting within same level to different parts.

5. Shooting player and enemies

6. Background music

7. "Cloning" sites in case you die, your clone will be able to continue

from where you cloned yourself. (They look like teleporters,

currently not working.)

Button Command Usage:


Dakota has a pair of flying shoes, but in order to use them, you must

first let them get a small warmup jump. Hold down Date Book or Memo

Pad button to understand.

Date Book: Jump up to the left

Address: Walk to the left

Up: Jump Up

Down: Enter Doors, Open Cabinets, Logon Computers

To Do List: Walk to the right

Memo Pad: Jump up to the right

'.': Pause/Un-Pause Game



1. One common event that has happened with my users recently is they're pressing

the buttons a lot and they get killed for their last time and it brings up

the Game Over box, but since they were pressing the button, it brings them to

one of the four applications. Thinking of ideas for bug fix.

2. When player is overlaying an object, it looks very blocky. Working on ideas

to fix it. If you have code specifically that would help, please e-mail us.

3. Small Display bug when jumping backwards where it seems the player turns around

in midair, but that is due to the animation turning the player around. Deciding

on how big of a problem it is still.



Registered version costs $15 US, which will include inside news about updates,

and special offers for future products. Registered users will also recieve

listings of available databases, if requested. You can now register on

PilotGear at or by sending

us cash/check of $15 US to the following address:

Jason Harrer

991 E. Thacker St.

Des Plaines, IL 60016

Those not in the U.S.A. that can not get ahold of $15 US due to costs at

bank or for whatever reason, can send us $15 equivalent of a local sweet

(eg: chocolate) or other non-perishable food item, (eg: fruitcake). $15

US for product includes shipping.

Thanks for your interest in The Adventures of Dakota A. and we hope to

hear from you with your opinion, suggestions, or any problems that you have.

We are available most of the time in #pilot-pda on DalNet under the nick of MutVR.

For more information about the gatherings, visit

Many thanks go to all those that have helped with the testing and for the

available source code from such programs as pneko and digi-guppie.

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