Easy to learn shooting game for your palm...


Easy to learn shooting game for your palm.


You remember the old game where you set an angle and velocity and fire at an

opponent? I remember it as Artillery. On the Pilot, it is called Cannon!

Everyone knows the rules: aim and fire and adjust for the mountain range and

variable winds.

If you enjoy this game, you can register for $5.00 at

Send any comments/suggestions to [email protected]

Thanks and enjoy.

Roman Baker


12/16/97: Initial version

12/17/97: Added New Game and Registration menu options.

Made modification to mountain generation algorithm.

Made initial wind values more broad.

There is a problem with 1.x Pilots that I have not identified

yet, so this version will only work with PalmPilot 2.0.

12/17/97: Found it! Now works with PalmOS 1.x.

12/26/97: v1.5: Added preference to show last angle/velocity, changed mountain

generation routine, added delay between shots, added increment/decrement

buttons for angle/velocity entry.

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