Bar Dice

Dice rolling game for your palm...

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Bar Dice

Dice rolling game for your palm.

Bar Dice 1.0 [Requires PocketC]

Do PalmPilot users really need another dice rolling program?

Actually, we do.

All of the other PalmPilot dice programs I have seen are geared toward fantasy / simulation game enthusiasts. No disrespect intended, but some of us have trouble conceiving of "dice" as having more than six sides! We like to play such games as Boss (Bull) Dice; Liars Dice; Poker Dice; Math (Engineer's) Dice; Ship, Captain, and Crew; Intelligence (Tops and Bottoms); Scrod; and others. (See "World's Best Dice Games" by Gil Jacobs for these and many other great dice games.) Most of these use five standard, six-sided dice and require you to "freeze" one or more dice on each turn and roll the rest (as in Yahtzee). Bar Dice 1.0 lets you and a friend play all of these games without having to carry a bunch of dice around in your pocket or purse.

Bar Dice 1.0 is very simple:

- "ROLL" rolls all of a player's unfrozen dice.

- Tapping a die freezes or unfreezes that die.

- Tapping the "+" button allows you to add to a player's score (or if you are playing a game in which you can lose points, add a negative number to subtract from the score).

- Tapping "C" clears a players score.

That's it.

If you want to play one of the games that requires you to hide your dice from your opponent (e.g. Liars Dice or Boss Dice) just hold a business card (or even your hand) vertically over the middle of the screen to hide your dice. (Of course, until I can figure out how to invert the writing one of you will have to read the dice upside down!)

This is freeware. I hope you find that it is worth at least as much as you are paying for it. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.


Rick Simpson

[email protected]

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