Casino has five games to play Blackjack, Craps, Slot...


Casino has five games to play Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines, Roulette, and Video Poker.


Table of Contents

1 Welcome and Registration

1.1 About Casino

1.2 System Requirements

1.3 Registering Casino

1.4 Contacting Stand Alone Inc.

1.4.1 Business Hours

1.4.2 Email

1.4.3 Phone

1.4.4 Regular Mail

1.4.5 World Wide Web

1.5 Reporting Bugs

1.6 Version History

2 Entering the Casino

2.1 Choosing a Game

2.2 Blackjack

2.2.1 Deciding the Wager

2.2.2 Card Values

2.2.3 Playing Blackjack

2.2.4 Winning and the Payback

2.2.5 Blackjack Settings

2.3 Craps

2.3.1 Step One in Craps Betting

2.3.2 Establishing the Point

2.3.3 Hard Way Bets

2.3.4 One-Roll Bets

2.4 Roulette

2.4.1 Betting

2.4.2 Odds and the Payoff

2.5 Slots

2.5.1 Making Bets

2.5.2 The Payoff

2.6 Video Poker

2.6.1 Betting

2.6.2 Playing Video Poker

2.6.3 Payback

2.7 Help and Settings

2.7.1 Help

2.7.2 Settings

1 Welcome and Registration

1.1 About Casino

Casino brings five games of chance and skill to your PalmOS device! It includes

Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines, Roulette, and Video Poker. Casino keeps track

of your money between games, gives you complete rules for each game, and helps

you keep track of the odds. It has all the fun of a real Casino in the palm of

your hand.

Included in this archive are the following packages:


This is the software package that you need to install on your PalmPilot.


This is the usersÕ manual for Casino.


This is a text only format of the usersÕ manual. If at all possible,

use the pdf version of the manual as it has layout and graphics that cannot

be included in the text version. The pdf version of the manual is viewed using

Adobe¨ Acrobat Reader¨. This can be obtained free of charge at


A list of all of the software available from Stand Alone Inc.

1.2 System Requirements

Casino is designed to work on both the PalmPilot 5000k, Professional and

Personal units, as well as the Palm III device. Throughout this manual,

PalmPilot is used to refer to any of these units.

1.3 Registering Casino

Casino is Shareware, and costs $24.95.

The Casino Demo will work for a 30 day trial period. At the end of the 30 Days,

it will stop working. To avert this tragedy, you will need to get in touch with

Stand Alone to register your software. You can register with us by several

different methods.

You will need to include the following information, no matter how you choose to

register. Most importantly, you need to include your name EXACTLY as it is

entered in your PalmPilot, including spaces. We use this to generate your

password, so it must be precise. You will need to specify which programs you

wish to register, and include payment for each of them. We accept Visa,

Mastercard, and American Express. If you are using normal mail, you can send us

a check as well. Make sure to include your card number, the expiration date, and

what type of card you are using. You also need to give us a way to get in touch

with you. Email is the preferred way, followed by your address and phone number.

An Email address is not strictly necessary, but it will result in much faster


For instant gratification, register by phone, and pay using Visa or Mastercard.

To do so, call (773) 477-2492 and we will give you a password right over the


Alternatively, you can send us a check to the address below.

You can also Email us. Just Email us the relevant information, and weÕll send

you a code. If you are registering through Compuserve, use, GO SWREG.

Once you register, you will receive a password from us. You can install this

password one of two ways. There is an option to Enter Password via the Enter

Password option in the menu. Tap on it to bring up a screen that has a space to

enter the password.

1.4 Contacting Stand Alone Inc.

There are several ways to get in touch with us here at Stand Alone, Inc.

Email is the preferred form of communication, but whatever works for you is

fine. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or compliments, please

don't hesitate to contact us through any of the methods listed below.

1.4.1 Business Hours

Stand Alone is open from 9 AM to 7 PM Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 6 PM Friday,

10 AM to 4 PM Saturday and we are CLOSED on Sunday. These times are CST and GMT


1.4.2 Email

internet: [email protected]

AOL: Std Alone

CompuServe: 76342,3057

1.4.3 Phone

Voice: (773) 477-2492

Fax: (773) 477-2579

1.4.4 Regular Mail

Stand Alone 3171 N. Hudson, Suite 1

Chicago IL, 60657


1.4.5 World Wide Web

1.5 Reporting Bugs If you find a bug in our software, it would be helpful if

you reported the bug to us. To report a bug, please Email us with Bug Report

Request in the subject line. In the Email, include the following information:

¥What type of PalmPilot you are using (i.e. Personal)

¥The software name and version number (i.e. Casino 1.0)

¥The error number

¥A brief description of how we can recreate the error

¥Your name and Email address so we can contact you when the bug is fixed

When reporting bugs, it is best to Email us, rather than calling, so that the

programers have a written record of the information they need to solve the

problem. As soon as we receive your Email, the programer will examine the

problem, and fix it.. Because our programers are busy creating software, it can

take a while for them to reply, but they will release a new version of the

software that fixes the bug as soon as they can.

1.6 Version History

Version Date Notes

1.0 June1, 1998 First public release

2 Entering the Casino

Welcome to Casino for the PalmOS. Casino gives you all the excitement of a

casino right in the palm of your hand. When you first open Casino, the Stand

Alone Dealer greets you. The box in the upper right corner is your starting

bank. To enter start playing, tap the Deal Me In button.

2.1 Choosing a Game

To change games, just the Menu silkscreen button. Next,

select the Games menu, and choose the game that you want to play.

Alternatively, you can use the following Graffiti commands to switch between


Blackjack: Command-B

Craps: Command-C

Roulette: Command-R

Slots: Command-S

Video Poker: Command-P

2.2 Blackjack

Blackjack is the classic card game where you try to get combinations of cards

to add up to 21 points, without going over. If you go over twenty-one point,

you Bust, and lose the hand. If your points are higher than the dealerÕs

points, or the dealer Busts, you win the hand. If your points are lower than

the dealerÕs, or you Bust, you lose.

2.2.1 Deciding the Wager

To play Blackjack, you first need to decide at which table you wish to play.

The table determines the size the bet that is wagered on each hand. To select

the table, tap the Menu silkscreen button, select Table Bet, and then choose

the bet for each hand.

2.2.2 Card Values

Each card in Blackjack has a point value. Aces are worth either one or eleven

points. 2-10 are worth the face value of the card. All of the face cards are

worth ten points.

2.2.3 Playing Blackjack

Each hand of Blackjack begins with you being dealt two cards face up, and the

dealer getting one card face up and one face down. At the bottom of the screen,

you have up to five options of how to play the hand.


Tapping the Hit button deals you one more card. You can Hit multiple times,

as long as you donÕt go Bust.


When you have decided that you are happy with your cards, tap the Stand

button. The dealer will then flip over his hidden card, and you will see if

youÕve won.

Double Down

Tap Double Down when you are convinced that you will have a great hand with the

addition of one card. Double Down doubles the bet, and deals you one more card.

Once you have your new card, the dealer reveals his hidden card and the hand



Insurance is only an option if the dealerÕs starting face up card is

an Ace, and you are betting on the Dealer having a natural 21. If you choose to

take Insurance, then you place a second bet of half the normal betÕs value. If

the dealer has a natural 21, then you lose your original bet and get paid twice

the new bet. The net result is that you break even. If the dealer doesnÕt have

21, then you lose the insurance bet and the game continues.


Split is only an option if your first two cards are a pair. By choosing to

Split, you break your hand into two separate hands, with one of your starting

cards in each.

Next, each hand gets a second card and you play as normal. Each hand has the

starting wager placed on it, and both hands play against the dealer.

2.2.4 Winning and the Payback

You win a hand of Blackjack when your total points are higher than the

dealerÕs, but not over 21. When you win a hand, you win an equal amount to your

bet. If you get a natural 21 with your first two cards, then you win 150% of

your original bet.

2.2.5 Blackjack Settings

You can set the number of decks in Blackjack. To do so, tap the Menu silkscreen

button, choose the Option menu, and then select Settings. You can select

between one and six decks of cards, and you can choose to have the dealer deal

until between zero and six decks are left before reshuffling. For more

information on settings, please see Section 2.7.

2.3 Craps

Craps is a game where you bet on the roll of a pair of dice. The betting is

broken up into several rounds, and many different bets can be in play at once.

Standard Bets

To bet, you tap your chips in your bank in the upper right hand

corner, and move them onto the betting board. To make a standard bet, you can

move individual chips straight from the bank to the board.

Custom Bets

Alternatively, you can tap on a selection of chips to set the special slot at

the lowest level of the bank, which creates a custom bet. Then, once the level

of the custom bet is set, drag the chips out to the betting board. Tapping the

circle with the line through it sets the custom bet to zero.

2.3.1 Step One in Craps Betting

When starting a game of Craps, you have the option of placing a bet before the

dice are rolled for the first time. You can place a Pass bet, or a DonÕt Pass

bet on the first roll. You can also place a Proposition bet, but those will be

explained latter.

If you place a Pass bet, you win if the die roll is 7 or 11. If you place a

DonÕt Pass bet, you win if the roll is 2, 3, or 12. If the die roll is 4, 5, 6,

8, or 10, then you that number is established as the point. You keep rolling

until you roll the point again, in which case you win, or you roll a 7, in

which case you lose.

2.3.2 Establishing the Point

So, the first die has been rolled, and the bets placed. How the game proceeds

from there depends on what was rolled in the first round. If a 2, 3, 7, 11, or

12 was rolled in the first round, then the game ends and you go back to round

one after collecting your money.

However, if the first roll was a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then the game goes into

a second round. After the first round, you bet on the Come or DonÕt Come. If

you bet on Come, then you roll the dice again. You win if the next roll is a

7, or 11, and you lose if it is a 2, 3, or 12. If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,

or 10, then you keep rolling. If you roll the number a second time, then you

win. If you roll a 7, then you lose.

These bets are made in addition to any Pass bets that have been placed, and

often you can have bets on seval numbers at once.

2.3.3 Hard Way Bets

There are a number of bets that are made after the Point has been established.

These bets not only require that you roll the Point before rolling a 7, but the

Point has to be rolled in a certain way. These four bets require that the 4, 6,

8, or 10 be attained by rolling doubles. If you get the Point by a way that

doesnÕt involve doubles, then you lose the bet.

2.3.4 One-Roll Bets

One-roll bets are risky bets that can be made at any time. When you place one of

these bets, you are betting that the next roll with be a certain number. The

odds for each of these bets is different, and is printed on the betting board.

2.4 Roulette

Roulette is an elegant game of chance. The roulette wheel has 38

spaces. They are numbered 1 to 36, and then there is a 0 and a 00 space. A ball

is dropped onto the wheel, and then the wheel is spun. You bet on where you

think the ball will land. To play Roulette, place you bets on the board, and tap

Spin to spin the wheel.

2.4.1 Betting

Below the Roulette wheel is the betting board, with all the possibilities for


Standard Bets To bet, you tap your chips in your bank in the upper right hand

corner, and move them onto the betting board. To make a standard bet, you can

move individual chips straight from the bank to the board.

Custom Bets Alternatively, you can move chips to the special slot at the lowest

level of the bank, to create a custom bet. Then, once the level of the custom

bet is set, drag the chips out to the betting board.

2.4.2 Odds and the Payoff

You can place bets at many different points on the board. Each place where you

bet is based on the number or numbers where you think that the ball will land.

When you drag your chips to the board, a small window will appear which tells

you the odds for each bet that you make.

Inside Bets Straight (a bet on a single number): 35-1

Split Bet (two adjacent numbers on the board): 17-1

Street Bet (three numbers in a row): 11-1

Square Bet (four numbers in a square on the board): 8-1

Five-number Line Bet (00, 0, 1, 2, 3): 6-1

Outside Bets Column (one of the three columns): 2-1

Dozen bet (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36): 2-1

High-Low (1-18 or 19-36): 1-1

Color (Red or Black): 1-1

Odd-Even (odd or even): 1-1

2.5 Slots

Slots is a game of chance that can be quite rewarding. The amount

that you win on a spin depends on how many of the wheels stop on the same


2.5.1 Making Bets

To place a bet, tap the coin slot on the upper right hand side of the slot

machine. Each time you tap the slot, you deposit an additional coin.

The value of each coin is determined by the type of slot machine you are

playing. To set the type of machine, tap the Menu silkscreen button, and then

select the value for each coin.

2.5.2 The Payoff

You win at Slots when more than one of a symbol appears on the wheel.

2 of a Kind: 2-1

2 different 2 of a Kind: 4-1

3 of a Kind: 20-1

3 of a Kind and 2 of a Kind: 22-1

4 of a Kind: 200-1

Jackpot (5 of a Kind): 7000-1

2.6 Video Poker

In Video Poker, you try and get the best poker hand that you

can. The better the hand, the larger amount of money that you win.

2.6.1 Betting

In the upper left hand corner of Video Poker, are four coins.

Each coin is worth $10, and you can play up to four per hand of Video Poker. To

set the value of your bet, finish your current hand, and tap OK, rather than

Play Another Game. Then, select how many coins you are going to use by tapping

on them. After selecting how many coins your are going to use each hand, tap the

Deal Me In button to start playing.

2.6.2 Playing Video Poker

When you start a game of Video Poker, you are dealt five cards. You can discard

up to three cards to try and improve your hand. To discard cards, tap on the

cards that you want to discard. When you have selected the cards you wish to

throw away, tap the Deal button. If, when you start a new hand, you donÕt want

to replace any cards, tap the Stand Pat button. After any cards that you chose

to discard have been replaced, Video Poker finds your score and pays you your


2.6.3 Payback

Tapping the Odds button gives you a quick reference to the payoff for each of

the hands.

Tap the Never Tell Me the Odds button to return to the game.

Royal Flush: 1000-1

Straight Flush: 50-1

Four of a Kind: 25-1

Full House: 9-1

Flush: 6-1

Straight: 4-1

Three of a Kind: 3-1

Two Pair: 2-1

Pair of Jacks or Better: 1-1

2.6.4 Settings

You can turn off the confirmation for Standing Pat through the Settings screen.

To do so, tap the Menu silkscreen button, select Options, and then choose

Settings. From the Settings screen, check off the box next to DonÕt confirm

when standing pat.

2.7 Help and Settings

Casino has a number of options to help you with rules, or let you set your

preferences for games.

2.7.1 Help

If you need help with the rules for any of the games, Casino has a

Help screen. To access it, tap the Menu Button, select Options, and tap Help.

2.7.2 Settings

Settings includes a number of options for Casino. To access

the Settings screen, tap the Menu silkscreen button, select Options, and the tap


DonÕt Show Win/Lose Windows

Check this option if you donÕt want to have the Win/Lose windows appear.


You can set the number of decks that are used by the dealer between 1

and 6. You can also set the dealer to shuffle the cards when there are anywhere

from 0 to 6 decks remaining.

Video Poker

You can turn of the confirmation for Standing Pat with by checking this box.


If this box is checked, then the dice have animation. If the box is unchecked,

then they do not.

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