This is your basic Video Poker game for the Pilot...

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This is your basic Video Poker game for the Pilot.

PV Poker - Version 1.2


This is your basic Video Poker game for the Pilot.

To install, use the INSTAPP.EXE program to install the application

on your Pilot.

How to play


Begin the game by betting. Tap on one of the dollar amounts next to

the work "Bet".

Deal your cards by pressing the DEAL button. Five cards will be

displayed across the top of the screen. Using your poker skills,

select the cards you wish to hold. The goal is to get the best

poker hand. To select a card, tap on the HOLD buttons below each


Press the DRAW button to draw your cards. Based on your hand,

you can win or loose!

Other great card games


PV Poker is one of many other card games available for your Pilot.

You can find some of these other games at

These other games can link to your winnings on PV Poker. So you can

now go to another game and use your winnings there.



Use of this software is at your own risk. The author cannot be held

responsible for any damage, crashes, or lost of data to your system

or your Pilot. Always HotSync your Pilot regularly.

Mike Therien

[email protected]

Release notes:


Ver 1.0a - Fixed bug that caused Pilot to reset when the

2/24/97 about box was selected at start of program. Thanks BearLink!

- Added web site address to About box.

Ver 1.0b1 - Fixed bug where cards dealt where not the actual deck, but

3/5/97 random cards!

- Added feature that allowed you to view the deck

- Possible fix for memory error messages on some Pilots

Ver 1.1 - Better Payouts! (Thanks to Jim Karam and Alan Shneour)

3/9/97 - Made the Hearts and Diamonds look like red cards

- Removed the view deck feature (too slow and too much memory)

- Deck shuffles after each hand

Ver 1.2 - Improved memory management

4/8/97 - Clears hold buttons before starting a new deal

- Linked with Red Dog for your Poker Winnings

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