1. IT Infrastructure Software


A place where you can store files and transfer them to other recipients

Apache Airavata

Manage, deploy and monitor enterprise-scale applications with this efficient framework

Sailfish OS

Alternative Linux-based operating system that can revolutionize an otherwise locked down device


Easy-to-use crypto mining software made users of all experience levels


Decentralized finance technology layer for the Ethereum blockchain network;enables direct trading of ERC20 tokens

SIW - System Information for Windows

Gather detailed Windows system information while monitoring CPU usage and memory usage in real time

XETH Ether Wallet

An open-source Ethereum wallet with an attractive graphical user interface (GUI) and secure key generation


Fully functional Bitcoin wallet allowing for complete access to personal financial resources through multiple signatures

Palantir Foundry

Data management and analysis platform that includes advanced functionality such as artificial intelligence plus machine learning

Yummy FTP

Download documents over a network using the time-tested file transfer protocol