1. IT Infrastructure Software


Defunct mining pool client for Bitcoin tokens that was operational for more than eight years


Core technology for Thunderstone products that integrated a complete SQL relational database

Core FTP

Free and fully featured FTP client designed to work exclusively on Windows Wallet

Secure cryptocurrency wallet platform that requires five confirmation actions before transactions can be cleared


A versatile miner program that works for new and experienced users for multiple cryptocurrencies

IBM Infosphere Optim

Manage the lifecycle of your organization's most frequently used data containers and easily control employee access

OP5 Monitor

An enhanced serving monitoring program that monitors your network and delivers advanced information to your IT team


Cryptocurrency wallet service that provides features similar to personal banking for Bitcoin and other tokens

Atomic Wallet

Digital currency wallet system that supports tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others


A highly accessible cryptocurrency exchange where users can easily swap one currency for another