1. IT Infrastructure Software


Online team collaboration software that features remote desktop control and screen sharing capabilities

Windows 10

Microsoft's latest operating system for personal computers and tablets, featuring an A.I. assistant to help you manage your life


Analytical tool that tracks an application's engagement, popularity and areas of improvement to get more users

Citrix ShareFile

File sharing and syncing for small-to-medium-sized enterprises looking to make a transformation away from paper-based organizational systems


Linux distro designed to work every bit as effectively on the desktop as it does on servers


A code-free app integration platform that helps you use your favorite apps together through webhooks

Microsoft Access

Database processing application that can manage a virtually limitless collection of records


Google-based mobile operating system for phones, tablets and other devices

Oracle Database

Prestigious cloud solution for all kinds of enterprise database projects and services, including Big Data analytics


An FTP solution that is open source and easy to use for both small and large websites