1. Development Software


A connectivity protocol that allows you to make custom scripts or install ones made by others

Salesforce Heroku

A cloud-based development program meant for highly productive teams that work on multiple projects simultaneously

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Service designed to start a new service on Amazon Web Services by automating related services


Software testing tool for developers and programmers who need to check the performance of UI projects

Apache JMeter

Visualize latency and other rendering-related problems that are slowing down your website


A software product for developers of games and websites to learn a lot more about software


A versatile platform for customizing text and voice messages in the cloud

Travis CI

Integration and delivery services that are set up for people to sync with cloud projects


Automate your company's most important IT processes, manage all of your DevOps with ease, and run your cloud infrastructure securely

Helix ALM

Project management software specifically designed for software development teams that adhere to the Agile philosophy