1. Development Software

Micro Focus ALM Quality Center

An application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that includes a QA platform for automated testing


An AI-assisted platform that checks your coding and suggests improvements for better processing

Zoho Creator

Cloud-based development environment ideal for building custom web and mobile applications with low-level coding


App and database creation tool that is accessible to even non-technical users


Text editing application for Windows; highly ideal for handling large files as well as coding projects


API testing solution that's entirely open source and constantly evolving


World-class app development service for mobile devices credited with creating well-known internal and external platforms

Arduino IDE

A platform that combines programming and wiring tools so that your hardware functions properly

Azure Portal

Develop simple web applications and advanced cloud apps from a single dashboard that helps you manage and monitor every stage of your project

Unreal Engine

Game design software from the makers of Gears of War, Infinity Blade, Paragon, and Fornite