1. Development Software


Enterprise-level project planning and lifecycle management utility designed for scale

Visual Studio

A powerful IDE for web developers and application developers to create innovative services and attractive GUIs


A semantic reasoning engine built to be highly scalable and backed by an RDF triple store.

IntelliJ IDEA

A heavy-duty integrated development environment (IDE) for web apps and enterprise software applications in Java, Groovy, and Scala


A free and straightforward Windows-compatible text editors for developers to create and revise source code


An intuitive platform that facilitates the creation of new software and allows for easy sharing

Sublime Text

A flexible and highly customizable code editor with many features that's compatible with multiple programming languages

Visual Studio Code

Test, manage, debug, and build modern software applications on Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux in multiple languages


Powerful text editing application for Windows; able to handle data files up to 4 GB


Cloud-based and standalone coding platform for developers who work on Apple hardware and operating systems