1. Analytics Software


Effortlessly create and add charts to any mobile or web project, regardless of size

X1 Search

A rapid search program that is able to find files, emails and documents that match your needs

GraphPad Prism

App designed to create data-based graphs and update them as new data is available

Minitab 18

Statistical analysis software that can meet the needs of the higher education market


Data visualization tool that provides dashboard exploration of Elastic Stacks and enterprise data search applications

SAS Enterprise Guide

A menu tool for businesses that makes analyzing data and publishing results a lot easier


Business intelligence server platform that makes it easy to share and distribute analytics reports

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Make it easy to scale up and deploy Elasticsearch for your log analytics on the platform


Artificial intelligence platform that evaluates business metrics and detects anomalies in order to prevent losses


A solution for make Python and R models even easier and faster to use