1. Analytics Software


Embed engaging reports and data visualizations into web apps with an open-source platform that's extremely flexible


Acquire a comprehensive mathematics education with this platform's dynamic academic curriculum and rigorous collegiate community


Manage all of your productivity needs from a single dashboard with a native Macintosh interface


A program that assists with data connections and visualizations so that you can easily understand large business data

Google Firebase Crashlytics

Analyze adverse events and crashes on your app to help your development team troubleshoot faster

Microsoft Bing News Search API

Get headlines and updates from literally hundreds of individual independent news services located around the globe

Agent Ransack

A free OS explorer that locates hidden files on your desktop PC or on your network drive


Interactive charting and scripting software for serious traders who want access to real-time market data

Copernic Desktop Search

Powerful indexing and search tool that can stand as a viable alternative to Windows Search


Business intelligence software that delivers a stream of real-time data displayed on intuitive information dashboards