1. Analytics Software


Business data visualization platform that runs in the cloud; includes features such as Visual SQL connectors

Google Data Studio

New component of the Google Cloud Platform intended to create insight through smart data visualization


Search engine API for developers who wish ro enhance queries across websites and hosted databases


A self-serve business intelligence platform with interactive dashboards and conversational search features to help you quickly find the data you're looking for

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI)

A business intelligence program that helps discover insights from users to help you make better business decisions


A data visualization tool that offers many different forms of visualization and is customizable based on your needs


Business application designed to assist in tracking and managing analytical data

This business intelligence application requires no coding and it keeps everyone in the company informed

Information Builders WebFOCUS

A full-scale web builder that lets users easily create member portals, customized data dashboards, and reports


Unify your analytics, machine learning initiatives, and data science projects onto one business process automation platform