Rocket Retriever

Find files fast on your hard drive by typing file names or...

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  • Program by David Pankhurst

Rocket Retriever

Find files fast on your hard drive by typing file names or partial names.

Rocket Retriever organizes your computer's files into an easy to search list. Enter partial or full names to view all files with matching text in their names, ready to run or open. And pressing the Enter key on the entry runs the program, or launches your favorite program to let you view or edit the file.

For example, typing in CAT lets you look for cat pictures, Once you've found the file you're looking for, double-clicking or the Enter key runs a program to edit it, (or runs the file itself if a program)

Some features:

Easy to Use. Type in parts of names to get matches, type more to narrow the search, and hit Enter to go!

Fast. Near-instant access to all your files - even MILLIONS. You'll never use Windows Find again!

Small Yet Powerful. Careful C++ coding means a program that avoids tying up your valuable Windows resources, yet performs exceptionally.

Always Available. Keep visible on screen, or call it up at any time with Hot Keys (Shift-F1)

Flexible. Search any or all file types, and use wildcards and dual search strings to narrow down searches fast. Sort on data fields like Explorer (path, name, date, size, type) to also search quickly.

Use It To:

Find lost or misplaced files.

Stay alert for unusual files (such as virus payloads).

Find groups of files (like all MP3s), wherever they are.

Search your Internet URLs.

Run favorite programs without digging through the Start Menu.

Work without the mouse.

Find misnamed files.

Keep track of files on your hard drive.

Replace the slow Windows Find Command in Explorer.

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