Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe

Powerful and flexible hard drive and partitions editor with...

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Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe

Powerful and flexible hard drive and partitions editor with Windows XP support.

Despite growing reliability of Windows family operating systems and application developed for them, computer program failures remain, unfortunately, a widespread occurrence. Such failures often result in fails of file systems. In addition, computer viruses infecting files and bootsectors of disk partitions and spreading fast due to E-Mail and Internet are the background on which advanced and ordinary personal computer users make efforts to maintain their computers' up state.

There is plenty of automatic utilities for back up copying of system and other files, partition bootsectors recovery, viruses fighting, but all of them operate in very precise frameworks, provided by developers.

Appearance of a new computer virus can make any of these utilities useless. Whereas a simple disk editor that is Acronis DiskEditor with a capability of booting up from a diskette irrespective of any operating system may become only means that can help correcting similar situations.

Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe allows to backup and restore critical hard drive sectors, edit contents of hard disk sectors, representing them in the most convenient way, it has simple and effective means of disk navigation and searching, saving sectors contents to files and reading them from files.

Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe program is extremely simple from the angle of interface, but it reflects all details of data storage structures of hard disks whether it concerns Partition table, File Allocation Tables, Root folder, or data area.

New in Acronis Disk Editor Deluxe:

* Native Windows application supporting Windows 95 / 98 / ME, Windows NT / 2000, and now Windows XP!;

* Possibility to view and edit data in different encodings;

* Advanced search possibilities including search ingoring case for various encodings;

* View FAT directories.

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