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Stardust Setup Packager

Package multiple setup programs into a single...

Publisher: Stardust Software 

SciTech GLDirect

SciTech GLDirect allows you to run OpenGL-based games and...

Publisher: SciTech Software 


PCMark2002 is suited for benchmarking all kinds of PCs, from...

Publisher: MadOnion 

Windows 2000/XP NVidia Refresh Rate Fix

This is a fix for the default 60Hz refresh rate under...

Publisher: Nvidia 


jDiskUsage is a free cross-platform utility to show the...

Publisher: Karl Pauls 

PC Accelerator 2004

PCXL helps you optimize your computer to increase system...

Publisher: Smartalec Software 


WinBackup makes it easier than ever before to secure your...

Publisher: Johan Malmberg 

Clean Disk 2002

Clean Disk 2002 is a user-friendly utility designed to free...


AlarmPlayer v1.0

This is the newest program from JC Software...

Publisher: JC Software 

Cache Speed (Adware Version)

Cache Speed makes your computer go faster by releasing...

Publisher: RoadSide Software