A devil for the little...


A devil for the little guy!



<=== Beelzabub - A devil for the little guy! ===>



Like the professional spread?


Beelzabub is not much liked bymost of the worlds

population is hated by most of the world. Not

many people appreciate his tireless work doom,

destruction... plagues and so on.

But now all of you retchidly hateful people can

do what you've all probably wanted to do for a

while, have ago at blaming all the worlds

problems on him, he probably caused them anyway!

And then the next stage may happen unabaided:


A good punishment for most towards him is to frag

the red horny one of the face of q2dm3 utilising

the latest in depleted uranium slug technology.

You now know what you must do - kill the one from

the deepest part of darkness and send him back to

his o so warm home.




Beelzabub took 1 week to make and was made using

q2 model editor.

THe model was made from scratch and the skin was

made using the brilliant Npherno's skin tool.

Please unzip in the playes directory in a folder

deemed the name Beelzabub.

CTF skins for this littledevil are on the way...

Model, skins and all were made by Citrus Frog

The weapon .md2 was taken from the 'Borg' model

by Jude bond and the weapon skin is from the male

model. Without htis there would be Null skin errors

blighting your game.

[email protected]

oh BTW Beelzabub has a home page at


[there's nothing that odd about having a devil

where hell phroze over.......................]

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