Civilian vwep

Models that give vweap support to the civi model....

  • Category First Person
  • Size 417.3 KB
  • Program by ElBastardo Tassidar

Civilian vwep

Models that give vweap support to the civi model.


Model Name : Civilian vwep.

installation directory : quake2/baseq2/players/CIVI

Author : ElBastardo Tassidar

Email Address : [email protected]

Additional Credits to : id Software, hentai

Thanks to : mum, stecki, idsoftware, hentai, planetquake, ghent and the rest of endor


* Play Information *

New Sounds :

CTF Skins :

VWEP Support :

* How to use this model *

place it into your Civilian models dir and then load q2 normaly it should if not your a yobbo.

* Copyright / Permissions *

I dont give a crap what you do with this just give me credit where credit is due.

QUAKE(R) and QUAKE II(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

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