Play Quake2 as a Venus Fly Trap! (ctf compliant)...

Play Quake2 as a Venus Fly Trap! (ctf compliant)



Hello people....

there once was a time, a golden age, when people all

over the world looked after and cared for their loved ones....

but now.. no one, I mean no one, truely wishes to take

care of their houseplants. They wilt, dejected by their owners. When

will any of us learn!! Plants must be given respect!! or this sort of

thing happens...



A vicious war of capture the flag is

raging on, blues edging in front of the reds as the body count rises

and all thoughts of the flag are forgotten.

3 soldiers are on the move heading into the red's

territory, all place their silencers on their sotguns. Jeering of the

red team can be heard in front of them, they start to edge from behind

boxes. The soldier at the back feels a hairy tentacle like arm tap him

on the back... "Oh shit!" He turns round to see a man sized venus fly

trap staring, well staring without eyes, back at him. Jaws as big

as two dustbin lids clamped around the guy's head his screams still

audiable, his body struggling to break free from this B&Q garden center

monstrosity's slobbering jaws. The acid begins to digest his head...

..3 more come from the shadows.. the blue team is done for!!

However you'll be happy to know, this model can't

actually do that [yet]. But this Venus Fly trap's still one pissed

off pot plant. The plant will however get his come-up-ance from his

barrel rolling compound eyed friend... First time when someones been

killed they promptly chewed upon by their pintsized enemy. Well I'm

it's actually happened lots of times but I think this is the first

plug-in player model to do so [if I'm wrong give me an e-mail to put

me straight].

Here it is the first fraggable pot plant!!



This isn't really a new version of the model it's just an update of the

original, the files in this new .zip remove that damn NULL SKINN ERROR

stuff and includes CTF skins.

Model Made by: Citrus Frog

Skins made by: Test skin [naff one] made by Citrus Frog.

Decent skin [fly_trap] made by the brilliant skinner


Terminat0r also made the now included CTF skins!

Frag for that flag!!

The Terminat0r would be happy to make a skin for YOUR

model e-mail him at [email protected]

[note for your own safety that it's a zer0 not an O]

Inspiration from: The cactus array in the middle of the kitchen table

Built Using: Quake modeller MDL

Test skin made using: Nphernos Skin Tool [v.92]

Please note the model contains small pieces and isn't suitable for


Happy Fraggin'

Citrus Frog

[email protected]

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