Fallout 3 - Martigen's Mutant Increased Spawns Mod

This mod increases the number of creatures and NPC spawns...

Fallout 3 - Martigen's Mutant Increased Spawns Mod

This mod increases the number of creatures and NPC spawns encountered in the game, adding more life and challenge to the Wasteland. The two different settings increase x1-3 more spawns and intense version adds x2-5 enemies making the game much harder and into a zombie survival type mod. All quest, special encounter, Deathclaw, Behemoth, and Yao Guai spawns are unchanged. Since more enemies are being killed, an slower EXP or leveling mod is recommended.

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Martigen's Mutant Mod -- Increased Spawns


This is a mod to increase the number of creature and NPC spawns encountered in the game, adding more life and challenge to the Wasteland.

Previously, almost every encounter (spawn point) spawns a single enemy -- with this mod a range of spawns can occur. Two versions of the mod are included:

1-3 spawns -- Increased Spawns.esp

2-5 spawns -- Increased Increased Spawns.esp

The default Increased Spawns should provide a good mix of extra life and challenge in the wastelands, while Increased Increased Spawns will make the game considerably more lively and harder. However, you can set the range to whatever you like by editing the MMM Increased Spawn global variables (see below).

The percentages are almost flat across the board, with these exceptions:

* Quest and special encounter spawns are untouched

* Behemoth, Yao Guai and Deathclaw spawns are untouched

* Enclave wasteland patrol and Radscorpion extra spawns are halved

Finally, note that using an increased spawn mod *will* make your game harder and *will* give you more XP, so a slower levelling mod is recommended.

Creating your own spawn range


You can set the minimum and maximum spawns per point yourself by editing the following global variables:



To do this simply load up the mod in FO3Edit, expand the Increased Spawns.esp tree, and edit the values of the two global variables to whatever you want -- 1-4, 2-6, 5-10 and so on, it's up to you. Just be aware very high numbers will tax your machine (more creatures and NPCs on screen), make the game incredibly hard, and will probably freak the poor engine out (don't be surprised if it crashes and burns because you set Max to 100).

About the ranges


To ensure a better balance in the selection of spawns, the range is weighted towards the average. By way of example, the percentage chances for the following two ranges are as follows:

1-3 spawns

25% chance -- 1 enemy

50% chance -- 2 enemies

25% chance -- 3 enemies

Another way to look at this is as : 1, 2, 2, 3.

1-5 spawns

11% chance -- 1 enemy

22% chance -- 2 enemies

33% chance -- 3 enemies

22% chance -- 4 enemies

11% chance -- 5 enemies

Another way to look at this is as : 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5.

If you add a Min value, the median range is calculated between the Min and Max.

Optional mod: Zones Respawn


By default most areas, especially interiors, in Fallout 3 are marked as 'Never Resets' such that once you clear an area, it stays cleared. The Mart's Mutant Mod - Zones Respawn enables these areas to respawn.

All areas are now marked as respawnable, sans the Vaults and Project Purity. If you have any areas you think should or should not respawn, let me know and I can update it.

Note: This mod does not change or provide modules to change the amount of time before a cell 'resets', which defaults to 3 days. There are plenty of other mods to change this for you, or you can do it yourself by altering the iHoursToRespawnCell game setting.

Thanks go to ElminsterEU for FO3Edit, without which this mod wouldn't be possible.



1. Extract to your Data directory

2. Select to load Increased Spawns.esp or Increased Increased Spawns.esp in FOMM.

3. Go inside somewhere, save your game, and rest for 4 days.

This last step allows cells to reset and respawn, otherwise you won't see changes in any cells you've visited in the last 3 days.




Initial release


Works this time :)


Fixed respawns before cell reset

Preserved cow-tipping in Brahmin script


Fixed respawns from live parents before reset

This version should be bug-free now.


Added Outcast Wasteland Patrols for increased spawns

Added 3% chance for Behemoths to spawn with SuperMutants outside*

Adjusted GMSTs to increase the maximum corpses before the engine clears them

* Edit the MMMzBehemothChance global variable in the .esp if you'd like to change this


Updated Zones Respawn with zones that should/should not respawn

Updated Zones Respawn to prevent editor placed corpses respawning

Prevented a rare occurance of already dead spawns spawning in a current game when first adding Increased Spawns


Outcast patrol numbers boosted

Outcast and Brotherhood spawns level and health boosted

Brotherhood and Enclave added to increased spawns in key areas

Adjusted GMSTs to increase the max number of actors processed in combat

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