Fallout 3 - Gameplay Balance Overhaul v0.3b

The mod offers several gameplay changes including changing...

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Fallout 3 - Gameplay Balance Overhaul v0.3b

The mod offers several gameplay changes including changing several gameplay settings such as level caps, EXP and level up mods, and character stats. These can be done individually with the modular arrangment of this mod.

NOTE: The Level 20 CAP removal can causews crashes such as being Evil past Level 20 and also removes certains Karma status.

V02b is now Modular!

V03b removed the Cam Centering and Level removal cap, as well as some fluff (for increased compatibility). Also broke the Skill Point reduction and Perk changes into five different choices for your balancing preferences (or none for the normal formula, of course). v04b will include many more perk changes, a Karma revamp, and separate radiation esps. Let me know if you have any other wishes!

Included in the rar are several "modular" (you pick and choose) esps. Overall, the mods rebalance the game, slow leveling, moderately increase difficulty, and enrich the game with greater depth and tactics.

Read below for specific changes in each esp!


"SP Reduction and Perk Changes"

* All "XFO Perks" esps contain the following changes:

Comprehension and Educated were removed, as they were unbalanced (Education can give 48 SP, comprehension can give over 300!)

All basic skill bonus perks (like Gun Nut and Thief) have been reduced to level 2 requirements, and can be taken up to 20 times! This way, perks can be used to specialize and fill in the gap from the SP reduction, at the cost of other perks. The static SPs also make these skills worthwhile choices!

Intense Training has been raised to 20 possible ranks. If you want to, you could create a pure "SPECIAL" character.

Here and Now has been raised to a level requirement of 19. It now provides some immediate gratification to those who are ready to cap out. Where it belongs, IMO. You still, of course, don't have to take it ;)

Child at Heart has been reduced to a level requirement of 2, where it belongs, with black widow / ladykiller. Now you can start out "childlike"... it shouldn't take work :p

As a result, the player will have to choose much more carefully where to put SPs and what perks to get! For some, tagged skills will be much more important, for others, much less -- this determines how "specialized" your character will be.

PICK ONE! of the following (or none):

* "SP10 TAG30" For a greatly reduced 290 total SP (320 with Tag!, plenty more with books). The base 10 SP in unchangeable: INT is not taken into consideration, as I felt it was by far and away an overpowered stat before, forcing many to pick 10 INT, regardless of character type. This is my recommendation.

* "SP15 TAG15" For a balanced approach with more total SP than before, but INT still is not a factor, and the 15 is consistent. Tag! skills have moderate importance.

* "SP20 TAG0" For many more total skill points (400), but no Tag! Specializations (you don't need them with 20SP per level!). With the Tags, Educated, and INT removed, this should be fairly balanced, providing a total of 400 SP.

* "SP6 INTx1" This is similar to the original formula, but with just over half the base SP (11 to 6), and the "vanilla" weight for INT. Tags are normal (15) and Educated and Comprehension are still removed, with all of the rank adjustments to the other perks.

* "SP0 INTx2" This is just another permutation: base SPs are at zero, but INT provides TWO points per level instead of one, ranging from 2-20 possible points. For you brainiacs that feel ripped off, I guess. :P



Leveling rates have been slowed globally (ixpbase from 150 to 250).

Hacking and lockpicking rewards have been cut in half, but exploration has been doubled.

The rewards for killing "Very Easy" through "Average" enemies has been significantly reduced, but

The rewards for killing "Hard" and above enemies has been slightly increased.

The bonuses for "Hard" and "Very hard" difficulties have been reduced from 50% and 25% to 20% and 10%, respectively.

Various other minor tweaks have been made to the leveling and experience formulas. This should allow far more exploration and random encounters before "capping" at level 20, and places an emphasis on questing for leveling (keeping you in control).


"Stat Changes"

Health per level has been reduced for players, increased for enemies (making top-end enemies tougher)

Base health slightly reduced, putting emphasis on Endurance.

Encumbrance per point of Strength raised 50%, base Enc left untouched (it's a subtler effect than it sounds like).

Base Action Points reduced with higher multiple for Agility (crossing at 5 Agi with "Vanilla" Fallout3; that is, higher AP for Agi>5, lower for Agi<5)

AP regen raised a bit.

Previous tweaks to AP requirements for different actions have been removed (reverted to vanilla).


"Weapskill" esps:

* "dmg not accuracy"

This was my original formula, and it's still the one I personally prefer. Weapons do more base damage by about 30-50%, with additional variance in damage based on skill levels (for about 15-90% difference from Vanilla). This affects you and your enemies. Not realistic, but it feels more RPG-ish to me (it's not realistic to gain HP with levels, either, or to heal a bleeding bullet-wound with food...)

* "Accuracy not dmg"

Weapons do more base damage across the board, 50%. Skill level and condition now both factor heavily into accuracy (both negatively and positively). At low levels with a poor weapon, you will shoot all over the place, especially with full auto. At 100 skill with a perfect-condition weapon, however, you will see much better accuracy than in Vanilla! The same works for your enemies (when testing, I got one-shotted in the head by a distant enemy sniper!)

Strength factor in melee damage doubled, to make up for their rip-off (accuracy doesn't help them). Unavoidably, the melee skill WILL affect melee accuracy (now; it didn't before) and NOT damage -- get pyro or iron fist, or upgrade your strength for more noticeable boosts than before.

The testing and tweaking that went into this was obscene; if you feel that you're too inaccurate, repair your weapon or spend some skill points. Or don't go fully automatic ;)

The effect in VATS ranges from subtle to gross, but is not as strong as outside of VATS. In testing, VATS should cross with vanilla with 55-60 skill in a 50-70% condition weapon; below, it will be less accurate than before, but at high levels/condition, it will approach the VATS cap (there appears to be a distance-to-accuracy cap for each weapon).

In Vanilla, skill had a moderate impact on weapon damage. It now has NO impact on weapon damage. This is, obviously, more realistic.

* "Dmg and Accuracy"

Skill levels and condition weigh in heavily on both damage and accuracy. Base values also raised across the board. This one is probably the best for those who want accuracy, but don't want the melee skills to be worthless. May need more testing, but should be the "have your cake and eat it too" alternative. :p


"Base" esp:

All the rest of the original tweaks (MANY) -- and, yes, I plan to separate these further (like the level cap and the camera), in the next day or two. It is NOT required to use the others (though it is recommended, of course). :)

Some of the tweaks from the original readme:

Radiation gain is greatly increased, especially when swimming in radiated water! Radiation resistance should be more effective, too.

Karma loss from stealing significantly reduced (from -5 to -1)

Explosion splash radius increased by 30%

Movement penalties for crippled limbs significantly increased (from 85% and 75% to 66% and 33%) -- for both you and enemies

--The penalties are increased, which means that movement is much SLOWER for one or two limbs crippled

Increased the level multiplier for "boss" enemies

Repair Costs slightly reduced

Paralyzing Palm chance reduced (from 30% to 10% -- and it's still OP, IMO!)

Medicine skill effectiveness increased by 50%

Player limb damage brought to normal (from 50% to 100%)

Armor decay rate lowered (35% to 20%)

Melee damage strength multiplier raised (.5 to .7)

Damage taken in VATS raised from 10% to 100% (VATS was God Mode... silly)

Movement speed increased; relative sneak speed increased (77 to 90 and 57% to 66%)

Odds of dismembering/exploding body parts greatly reduced (to 10%); Bloody Mess left as it was, for those who want a mess ;)


* REMOVED as of v03b:

The level cap has been removed, but beware: there is a bug that (probably) can't be fixed until we can compile scripts: You CANNOT be "evil" or "very evil" past level 20! The game will crash -- if you'd like to cap yourself at 20 to prevent this, use "~" to go into the console and type setgs imaxcharacterlevel 20 .... this shouldn't matter much as the level pacing has been revamped. THIS BUG IS NOT MY FAULT! It's Bethesda's doing.

Third Person Camera centered


Install: Unrar into your data directory and check what you want to use. DO NOT use the Accuracy and Dmg esps together; that's what the "dmg_AND_accuracy" esp is for. Pick one of the three "Weapskill" esps. I also strongly recommend finding and downloading Timeslip's FOMM.exe FallOut Mod Manager for easier mod management.


Thanks to Curcuitous for finding the level cap removal GMST! I'm working hard on finding a fix :(

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