D.D. Battlemover

This is a mecha from the Japanese anime, Bubblegum Crisis....

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D.D. Battlemover

This is a mecha from the Japanese anime, Bubblegum Crisis. In Episode, "Moonlight Rambler".

Quake 2 Plugin Player Model for Multiplayer Deathmatch


Release Date : Jan 19, 1999

Model Name : D.D. Battlemover

Installation Directory : quake2\baseq2\players\Alx_DD

Author : Alex Baptista

Deathmatch Callsign : Big Rocket

Email Address : [email protected]

Model Description : This is a mecha from the Japanese anime,

Bubblegum Crisis. In Episode 5, "Moonlight

Rambler," Daley Wong describes:

"The stolen 'D.D.' packs some impressive

firepower ... Don't underestimate it,

Leon. The D.D. is a new type [of]

battlemover, equipped with the 'J-1'

auto-control system. It's highly

intelligent, and may have more firepower

than our K-12 A.T. ... J-1 is a

completely unmatched automated combat

system ... which activates if the pilot's

heart rate drops below a certain level.

If J-1 runs out of power once it

activates, then Boom! It self-destructs

... using a micro-neutron bomb!"

Other Info : Bringing you tomorrow's PPM today -- in other

words, it has a lot of polygons.

Additional Credits to : iD Software for Quake II

Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin for Eraser Bot

Anonymous, ASCMaker

Phillip Martin for Quake 2 Modeller

Npherno for NST

rogue13, for "Down and Dirty Tutorials For NST"

and for showing me the easiest way to do

CTF skins

Dave "HotFat" Biggs & company for Q2 Modeling

Mailing list FAQ V1.02

Roland Karlsson & Brad Klann, Skinview

Stephen Duffy for SkinED

Thanks to : Oobari Masami, designer of the D.D. Battlemover

Erwin Satrya, for introducing me to B.G. Crisis

JR, Sarah Davis, and others at alt.fan.bgcrisis

for D.D. pics

Greetings to : Dan Bickell (numerous Macross PPM)

Donald Cosmez (Priss PPM)

Tom "Vermilion" Dunne & Edward Ramona

(YF-19 Excalibur PPM)

Ionized Kit (Eva-01 PPM)

Michael "Magarnigal" Mellor & FIX

(Tekkaman Blade PPM)

Rim (Kenny PPM)

Scoots, Tharger, & Yohann (South Park PPM Pack)

Aaron Webster (Homer PPM)

Brian Yee (Cartman PPM)

Anime Fans : I'm only a casual otaku, with very limited

exposure to anime, beyond what's shown on

my local PBS channel, and what my friend

lends me. So to all serious otakus, which

are the best-looking mecha robots in the style

of Gundam ZZ and Macross? I'm referring to the

mechanical type, not the bionic/organic type

-- and with big guns and missiles. My

favorites are the D.D. and Power Dolls -- are

there others like them?


* Play Information *

New Sounds : No

CTF Skins : Yes

VWEP Support : No

* Construction *

Poly Count : 1260 + 64

Vert Count : 696 + 38

Skin Count : 1 Default + 9 CTF

Base : New model

Editor/Utility Used : 3D Studio Max 2 (3D modeling, animation)

ASCMaker (exporting 3DS animation)

Q2 Modeller 0.90b (reducing unwanted feet

movement, conversion to *.md2)

NST v0.9b3 (skin mapping, painting)

Skinview Mod v.4 (color checking, icon)

SkinED beta build 034 (touching up icon file)

Known Bugs : Does not load up properly in Skinview Mod v.4

(But OK in NST, Eraser Bot, etc.)

Build/Animation Time : Approximately, 25 hours for 3D modeling

50 hours for animation

25 hours for skin mapping

50 hours for skin painting

25 hours for learning

* How to use this model *

Unzip all files to your quake2\baseq2\players\Alx_DD\ directory,

and select at player setup in multiplayer menu.

* Copyright / Permissions *

QUAKE(R) and QUAKE II(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Bubblegum Crisis is the property of Artmic and Youmex.

Other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

All rights reserved. This file is not to be sold in any way, and it is

for entertainment purposes only. You may distribute this file only in

its unaltered form. You assume all responsibility for the installation

of this file in your computer system.

* Epilogue *

If you've read this far, you might as well check out the jpeg picture

included in the ZIP archive. That's me wearing the CAL sweater. My PPM

was just a new skin job for Dan Bickell's Han Solo model -- obviously,

the skin is for my private use only.

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