Malevolence Part 1

Malevolence is a short single player episode for the hit...

Malevolence Part 1

Malevolence is a short single player episode for the hit third person shooter Half-Life.


Title :Malevolence Part I

Description :Half-life Single-Player Campaign

Version :v1.3

Construction time :4 months on and off

Author :Matthew 'Bryce' Bedford

Web site

e-mail :[email protected]

Single player :yes, 5 maps.

Training Course :no

Multi player :no sorry! (Maybe one day)

Co-op :no

Difficulty options :Not really

New sounds :some

New textures :some

New monsters :some miner alterations

CD audio tracks Used :Yes



Fixed Error in main titles.

Fixed Error in Ending Credits.

Fixed Crashing Config menu By Removing new menu sounds.


Fixed Problem with Menu Animation Banner


First public release.


These files may be distributed freely free of charge over the

internet or BBS systems, as long as all the original files remain

intact and unaltered. You may not alter and/or recreate these

files in any way or form without the written permission from

those at Oxygen*8. Permission must also be obtained

if you intend to copy to CD or any other form of electronic

media with intent to sell.

you may put this product on to a magazine cover cd-rom

just let me know about it... thank you

Half-Life and related marks are trademarks of Valve software.

Opposing force and blue-shift are trade marks of gearbox.

Please respect other peoples work, thank you

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