A suspenseful adventure in which you must rescue the...


A suspenseful adventure in which you must rescue the scientists.


Title : Infiltration

Filename : Inf.bsp

Author : Matthew O'Brien

Handle : Vortex (Play on UK Quake2 servers)

Email Address : [email protected]

Description : Small single player map (Story Below) and er, this is my first half-life map so don't expect the world. Note the Worldcraft tutorial room :)

Thanks to : Jorden&Phil Inc. email = [email protected]

The war tents used on the helicopter pad are thanks to

these guys. The r_speeds crap up around that area so I really

shouldn't use them but they are just too good to resist.


++ Play Information ++

Difficulty Settings : Nope

New Sounds : No matey

New Graphics : None of those

New Monsters : No No

New Demos : No

New Models : You guessed it, none of these either :)

++ Construction ++

Base : New level (Extended from the half-life tutorial)

Editor(s) used : Worldcraft 2.0, or "@#!! it's crashed again" as it became known

around my house. Damn they have to sort that program.

Known Bugs : A couple of miss aligned textures on obscure surfaces that I couldn't be bothered to hunt down. There is a major hit on R_speeds just before heli-pad. I had to cut down on the number of scientists that were being slaughtered there :(. Unfortunately I didn't get the time to end the game properly so it simply fades to black once you have completed the mission. There are also rot_doors that sometimes open the wrong way!

Build Time : Two weeks.

++Other Stuff++

Comments : I tried to gauge the level at a medium to hard difficulty. If you are a bit crap at half_life by all means use god mode, but I recommend that most people take it head on and "Do the Business". The map is half the size I wanted it to be but I have exams and cannot afford the time. Half-Life is the best damn reason I've had so far for splashing out on that Voodoo 2 :)))

Story : Story is as following : You are a marine called Gordon Freeman , coincidentally, of course ;-) , who has been given the difficult task of freeing a research instillation held by the military. The mill boys are playing god and have taken the head researcher ‘Einstein’ hostage. Your task is to wipe the floor with their shiney new uniforms and free Mr Einstein. Your task might be helped slightly by the guards who have tried to take their own, if rather pathetic, initiative.

Installation : First unzip Inf.bsp to C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\valve\maps

Run the game from a shortcut on your desktop (or wherever) that has the following command line:

C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -console +map Inf

If C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\ is not the path to your hl.exe file you will have to make changes accordingly. You can also leave off the '+map Inf' command but you will have to type map Inf at the console.


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may feel free to use this level as a base to build additional levels or continuations of the level.

You are free to distribute and decompile the file for your own level use.

If you feel there are parts of the level that are cool please add them to your own levels.

If you plan on doing anything cool with infiltration please e-mail me so I can have a look.

However, If the level buggers up your mind or computer or whatever I accept no responsibility. That is valve's fault.

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