Optimum Fear

Short, sweet, and worth the download...

Optimum Fear

Short, sweet, and worth the download.


OPTIMUM FEAR 5th April 1999


Title : Optimum Fear

Filenames : opfear1.bsp, opfear2.bsp, opfear3.bsp and


Author : David Marsh

Internet Name : [YTM]ToadRegulator

Age : 16

Email Address : [email protected]

Home Address : 20 Chapel Lane





Telephone : +44 1604 858241


Previous Levels : None, I am a beginner. I tried to make a

level for Quake 2, but I used the wrong

editor for the job - Qoole :(

Thanks to : [YTM]Mirage - For playtesting the level,

editing this file and answering e-mails.

: [BAH]Wolfy - For playtesting the level.

: Autolycus - For occasional help, and the

Half-Life ERC.

: Valve - for obvious reasons.

: J F Gustafsson - Ok, I don't know him and he

doesn't know me, but he did create "Age of

Panic" for Quake 2. It is absolutely

brilliant and provided me with something to

look up to with awe.


* Play Information *

Difficulty Settings : No

New Sounds : No

New Graphics : No

New Monsters : No

New Demos : No

New Models : No

* Construction *

Base : New level, except for the odd Prefab

supplied with WorldCraft.

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 2.0 from the Half-Life CD.

Build Time : 1 Month - not including school, etc.

Damn, stop lying David...err..5 months.

Machine used : Intel Celeron 333 (128KB cache)


Diamond Viper V550


* Storyline *

Please read this before you try the level, but you've probably tried

it already.

Three years ago, my newly founded work associates and I started work

on a portal experiment that went horribly wrong, due to "unforeseen

circumstances". Between our world and Xen, a horrifically violent alien

world, a large rift in the fabric of space and time was formed. This

allowed all manner of violent species to come, uninterrupted, through

the portal and vanquish the Earth. They caused the apocalypse as we

now know it.

From this new, unstoppable threat, humans split and formed factions

deep underground in military, storage and research bases. Competition

was fierce and grudges easily made, we carried on fighting for two

years, through the system of railways that linked the bases, while the

aliens controlled the surface.

My group, once a large faction had been pushed back, subdued and

generally battered by the likes of the military and other groups.

Three months ago, we took control of a small storage facility base,

containing useful supplies and a test centre for explosive material.

It was a mighty victory, compared to our recent luck. However, we

could not keep it protected enough to keep it secure, and today, we

lost all contact after a frantic message describing aliens and

military personnel taking control of the base. It is my mission to

blow these bastards away...


How to get started


UnZipping : Start by unzipping the "" file

onto your hard drive. The desktop is a good

place to put the files temporarily.

: WinZip is available from

File locations : Put the "opfear1.bsp", "opfear2.bsp",

"opfear3.bsp" and "opfear4.bsp" files into

the usual "\Half-Life\valve\maps" folder.

: You should also put the "*.nrd" and "*.nod"

files into the "graphs" subdirectory of the

"maps" folder, if one does not exist then

create one.


Experienced users : Run Half-Life using "hl.exe +map opfear1",

or type "map opfear1" at the console, please

keep the case the same or it may not work.

: Any problems, e-mail [email protected]

Beginners : Look in your "\Half-Life\" folder, you

should find a file named "hl.exe".

: Create a shortcut to this.

: Right click on the shortcut and choose


: There will be a section named "Target", add

"-console" to the end of the text

already in the box. Be careful to keep what

is already in the box.

: If you open this shortcut it should load

Half-life and a button labelled "Console"

should appear, click on this, wait for it

to load and then type "map opfear1"


: If this doesn't work then please consult

your doctor or "[email protected]"


Known bugs


* Minor Bugs *

Opening scene : At the start of "opfear1.bsp" the screen is

black, at this point do not move as some odd

things will happen, eg. Freeman spinning

round like a Catherine Wheel.

Level transitions : If these do not work make sure you are

typing "opfear1", rather than "OPFEAR1",

it is case sensitive.

Any more ? : If you find any more please contact

[email protected]


Technical Information


* File names and sizes *

BSP sizes (unzipped) : opfear1.bsp - 556Kb

opfear2.bsp - 586Kb

opfear3.bsp - 439Kb

opfear4.bsp - 419Kb

Total size (unzipped) : 1.95Mb

Total size (zipped) : 522Kb


* Compile Times *

Times are in seconds using CSG (qcsg.exe), Normal BSP (qbsp2.exe),

Extra RAD (qrad.exe) and Full VIS (vis.exe).


opfear1.bsp : 8 7 48 69 132

opfear2.bsp : 9 15 121 177 322

opfear3.bsp : 3 2 71 11 87

opfear4.bsp : 2 3 51 6 62

Total : 22 27 291 263 603


* BSP information *

opfear1.bsp : Brushes 277

Faces 1670

Solid entities 36

Point entities 298

opfear2.bsp : Brushes 345

Faces 2066

Solid entities 43

Point entities 218

opfear3.bsp : Brushes 167

Faces 988

Solid entities 40

Point entities 101

opfear4.bsp : Brushes 159

Faces 957

Solid entities 33

Point entities 180

Total : Brushes 948

Faces 5681

Solid entities 252

Point entities 797




* Difficulty *

The level will default to the "Easy" skill setting. If you want to try

the level on higher skill levels then, on the main menu in Half-Life,

choose to start a new game and select either "Medium" or "Hard". This

will start you off on the standard levels. Pull down the console and

type "map opfear1". As my level was designed for "Easy", I suggest you

don't try any of the other skill settings. It took me ages to complete

on "Medium" and I couldn't complete it, at all, on Hard (I made the

damn level !).

* Sequel *

A sequel to "Optimum Fear" will be made, after mid-June. As making

levels is very time consuming, I'll plan to make the sequel after my

A-Level module exams, and as it's a holiday after them, it'll only take

a couple of weeks... I hope.

* Walkthrough *

Please only use this if you get stuck as it tells you absolutely

everything and may spoil your enjoyment, it's included because I know

how annoying it is when you get stuck and can't go on without cheating.

When you begin you will see a black screen, as it fades away you will

see yourself standing, looking at the GMan. The camera will move into

your eyes and you will then have control. You can jump as much as you

like but as soon as you move the GMan will warp away.

As you look around you should see a dead Barney, move towards him and

you should pick up the gun he lost when he died. Very soon after

picking up the gun a sequence of three Alien Slaves will appear, you

must kill all of these using the gun you just picked up, remember to

aim for the head to kill them quicker. Once all three are dead you can

then go through one of the two doors in this area.

If you choose the door near to where you started then you will have to

kill the Alien Slave then 'use' the button to your right. Listen out

for a conversation between a scientist and a Barney. Enter this room

and make sure you pick up the crowbar. Wait by the health recharger and

the Barney will allow you to get to the HEV suit. On exiting this room,

make sure you give yourself any health you need by 'using' the wall

mounted machine.

The other door will allow you access into a small room with shelves,

you will need the crowbar to progress in this area so it is a good idea

to make sure you have it by going through the door near where you


As you enter the room you will pick up the shotgun, make sure you are

ready to use it as some Alien Slaves will soon appear. Use the crowbar

to break open the boxes and you will receive some ammo and other items.

Once the Alien Slaves are dead you will need to 'use' the wheel on the

wall. This will open the large grate with boxes behind it. Use your

crowbar to break open these boxes, look out for headcrabs though.

You will soon see a scientist at the end of this corridor, he will be

squatting on the floor, this is the best place for him for the moment.

Ready your shotgun and prepare to meet some Alien Grunts. The best way

to kill these is to run up to them and release a double shotgun burst

on them. If you need more health remember to go back to the HEV room,

there are also two health packs behind the large stack of boxes.

Once the Alien Slaves are dead you will need to return to the

frightened scientist and 'use' him, if it doesn't work at first, try

again. Once he is standing get out of his way and he will run over to

the small grate in the corner of the room. Only he knows the code so

don't let him get killed until it has opened. At this point get your

shotgun ready and make sure it is reloaded ready for another Alien


Don't worry if the scientist dies, you can either kill the Alien Grunt

or run away, depending on how lucky you feel. As you enter the small

tunnel there will be a brief 'loading' message as you enter the next


Continue along the tunnel until you emerge in a small room. Ready your

favourite gun as you are about to get a headcrab attack. Once they are

dead you need to be quick, get your crowbar out and immediately start

hacking away at the glass between you and the small wheel in the next

room. The glass will smash so be patient.

As soon as the glass has smashed you will need to get your gun ready

again. Don't kill the Barney, there's someone behind him more deserving

of your bullets. The Barney must survive for you to progress, don't let

him get killed.

Once the Barney has turned the wheel you should notice the room light

up read and a lift will start to come down from the hole in the

ceiling. You need to enter the lift from the window side before it

starts to raise again. At the top the lift will stop too low as the

mechanism has seized, you may need to do a 'crouch-jump' to get out.

Listen to what the Barney you met earlier says or you'll be toast.

Once the explosions have finished the Barney will open the door at the

other end of the room, don't get in his way or he won't be able to

reach the keypad.

Enter the armoury and take the opportunity to refresh yourself by

picking up the weapons and replenishing any health you have lost.

When you hear the screams you'll know that the Barney is dead, there's

no way back now.

Switch on your flashlight and climb down the ladder in the armoury.

You'll need your crowbar so get it ready now. Once you reach the bottom

of the ladder have a look around, you may recognise some of the areas

you see. The progress you will need to find a small grate, smash this

with your crowbar and continue through th network of shafts by smashing

grates and killing any headcrabs you see.

Soon you should find a ladder that goes up, take this ladder and smash

the grate at the top to emerge in a small room with crates, smash the

crates to see what they contain and look out for headcrabs. Once you've

cleared the room walk towards the door at the end of a short corridor,

the next section will now load.

The real action will now begin as you find yourself in the middle of a

fight between Alien Slaves and Human Grunts, best to stay out of their

way or you'll be target practice for them. If anyone survives make sure

you take them out with your gun. At this point you may want to

replenish your health, try to think where you could do this then return

to this area.

In the area where the battle just occurred you will see a large door at

one end and a large open area to the other side. Move into the open

area with all the large crates and boxes, you will need to do some

'crouch-jumping' to get over the box that blacks your access into this


Be very careful not to make much noise in this area as there are three

trained assassins that want to blow your brains out. To help you defeat

them, use the wall mounted camera system. This is on a pillar on the

left side as you enter the area. Try each different camera by 'using'

the red buttons beneath the monitor, watch carefully as you will only

be able to use each camera once.

Now you should be ready to defeat the Assassins, there is no winning

strategy but the advice is to: save your game before you start to

attack, watch out for the explosive boxes and look out for health

packs, good luck.

Once the Assassins are dead you can explore the room in peace, look out

for any health that you didn't pick up or use during the battle.

Exiting this area can be tricky if you are not sure where to go, look

out for ventilation shafts in the roof. Once you have found the grate

on the shaft you will need to use the boxes to climb up to it. Smash it

with the crowbar and then simply stand up to get onto the ladder that

will take you up. Switching on your flashlight would be a good idea as

it's dark up there.

You'll soon enter a more open area, look out for skeletons. Look around

until you find a ladder leading down. As you walk towards it the next

section will load.

Continue down the ladder and then along the shaft until you reach a

grate. Now save your game, use your crowbar to smash it away and look

out below, there's a hell of a battle going on. At this point you have

two choices, drop down and see how long you can survive without

becoming another decal on the walls or stay in the shaft and let them

fight it out. Its certainly good fun to join in with the battle so give

it a go sometime.

If you actually want to survive then the best strategy is to wait

patiently in the ventilation shaft. It will eventually become quiet,

use your grenades to flush out any enemies still in the area and then

drop down to the floor.

An important thing to do now is to pick up anything you can find,

there's a .357 somewhere, this is an essential pick-up. It may seem

quiet but it won't be soon.

The two large doors will soon burst open unleashing more Alien and

Human Grunts into the area. This time you need to stay and shoot or

find somewhere good to hide. Survive all this and you've done well,

now it's time for the end sequence.

Go towards the large door to the left and you'll come across a small

door, before you reach it you'll be hit by a terrible energy burst,

in the darkness have a look around, it may be the last thing you see.

As you regain consciousness remember there's no way out, nowhere to

run and no way of surviving....


* Copyright/Permissions *

By downloading and installing "Optimum Fear" and all related

files you are forced to abide to the following rules:

Copyright : All files related to "Optimum Fear" are

copyright (c) of David Marsh, 1999.

Exploitation : You may not commercially exploit these

files without my permission.

Distribution : You are allowed to distribute "Optimum Fear"

and related files by any electronic medium

as long as they have not been altered in any

way, and the package still contains all 4

bsp files plus this text file.

: If you would like to put this map on your

website then please let me know first, I

would like it to be on as many sites as

possible, just make sure I know.

: This level may not be changed in any way.

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