Single-player Mod and mission pack for Half-Life...


Single-player Mod and mission pack for Half-Life.


Title: Timeline


Author: Ross Smith

Email: [email protected]

Home page:

Description: Single player adventure for Half-Life


"The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,

That ever I was born to set it right!"

-- Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5

You are Gordon Freeman, formerly a scientist at Black Mesa

Research Establishment, now reluctantly employed by a mysterious

organisation as a troubleshooter. (They send you out looking for

trouble, and when you find it, you shoot it.)

You are contacted by the Man in Blue. He seems strangely worried;

something has ruffled his normally impenetrable character.

"Mr Freeman, we need your help urgently. It seems that somebody at

Black Mesa has been experimenting with ... unconventional

applications of the dimensional gateway technology. They have

developed what appears to be a working time machine.

"Unfortunately, the scientists who were working on it disappeared

before we could ... persuade them to turn it over to us. It

appears that we were not the only ones following their work from

behind the scenes. A renegade organisation within the US Marine

Corps got to them before we did, and used their technology to

travel into the past.

"We believe they have found allies in another time, and intend to

use their advanced technology and foreknowledge of events to

change the course of history. If they are not stopped, they may

erase your ... er ... our world from existence.

"We will send you to the location of the last known transmission

from their agents. The ... ah ... clean-up of Black Mesa is still

proceeding, but you should be clear of it there ... I hope.

"The time apparatus must be somewhere nearby. You must find it,

follow them into the past, and stop them -- by any means possible.

I can offer you no help once you leave the present.

"The existence of the world you know depends on you, Gordon

Freeman. Good luck..."


Unzip into your Half-Life directory. It should create

a subdirectory called "timeline" and place all its files in there

(if it doesn't, you have a corrupt archive or you didn't unzip it


Copy your valve\config.cfg file into this directory if you don't

want to set up all your customised controls again.

There are three ways to start the game:

(1) Start Half-Life normally. From the main menu, go into "Custom

Game". Select "Timeline" from the list, click on "Activate",

then on "Done". You should now see the main menu against a new

background. Use "New Game" to start a game in the normal way.

(2) Open the console (this is reached by starting the game with

the "-console" command-line option, then either selecting

"Console" from the main menu, or starting a standard game and

then hitting the backquote key). Enter "game timeline", then

"skill 2" or "skill 3" if you don't want to play on the easy

setting, then "map timebase1".

(3) Make a copy of the Half-Life shortcut on your desktop. Rename

the copy to "Timeline", then go into its properties settings

(right-click on it and select "Properties" from the popup

menu, or left-click on it and hit Alt+Enter), and go to the

"Shortcut" tab. In "Target", add "-game timeline" to the

command text (without the quotes, and with a space between the

existing text and "-game"). This shortcut can then be used to

start the Timeline custom game directly.

To uninstall Timeline, just delete the "timeline" subdirectory

from your Half-Life directory.


Inspiration: Cemetary, In Flames, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden,

Motorhead, every SF author who's ever written a

"What if the Nazis won?" story, and _Gladiator_.

Playtesters: Adam Boileau, Luke Pascoe, Grant Zanetti.

(Extra thanks to Adam and Grant for providing the server space and

domain name.)


Single player: Yes

Multiplayer: No


Number of maps: 30

New textures: There are several new textures in timeline.wad;

most of them were modified from textures in the

original game.

New sounds: None


Base: None (all new maps)

Prefabs: None (besides the standard Worldcraft prefabs)

Editing tools: Worldcraft 2.1

Paint Shop Pro 6.0

Wally 1.48b

Zoner's HL compile tools

Compile machine: PIII/450, 128MB RAM

Total compile time: 6 hours 19 minutes 11 seconds


You may distribute this game in any way you like provided you

don't change any of the files in any way. If you don't cooperate,

then don't distribute it in any form.

Authors may use these maps as a base to build new games. Feel free

to grab anything you like out of it, provided you're making

substantially new maps and not just minor modifications to mine,

and you include appropriate acknowledgements in anything that uses

my material.

Half-Life is Copyright 1998-99 by Sierra Online and Valve LLC. All

rights reserved.

Timeline is Copyright 2000 by Ross Smith.

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