Lords Lair

Kill the bad guys...

Lords Lair

Kill the bad guys.

Title : 'Lord's Lair

Filename : lords_lair.bsp

Version : 1.0

Date : 01/09/99

Author : Peter Ryan

Web Page :

Email : [email protected]

Thank You's! : The i.d guys, Everyone from Valve and Sierra, and My brother (for giving his advice, even if I didn't want it).

*Description of the level*

SP or DM with 2-5 players (5 recommended)

Plain and simple, Very small, 3 floor level for DM and SP modes.

Other info:

This is the first level I've actually been able to run perfectly without any leaks or errors!

Regrets: I am sorry that the single player mode doesn't have any point other than to kill the bad guys and there is no ending. It's basically like DM against the computer. But Hey, It's my first level!

If you have any questions or comments about this level please feel free to contact me, and If you find any mistakes or something that just doesn't look right, PLEASE TELL ME!

P.S. There is a secret halway and room hidden in

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