DC .4 Infantry Combat Tweak

This file changes the realism levels of the weapons while...

DC .4 Infantry Combat Tweak

This file changes the realism levels of the weapons while retaining balance.

Desert Combat.4j Infantry Combat Fix



This file needs the Battlefield 1.45 patch installed along with DesertCombat .4j


Un-pack the zip file then Install by copying the objects.rfa to the file to...

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\mods\DesertCombat\Archives

and copying the game.rfa to...

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942


Contact me with sugestions/comments at

[email protected]


1.Ak47 is more powerful

2.M16 is more powerful

3.all pistols are 2 hits in the chest to kill

4.sniper rifle is one shot one kill(aim not included)

5.all rpg and anti tank weapons are more powerful

6.Mp5 is more powerful

7.Aks-74U is more powerful

8.the deviation for the AK47,M16 was decreased

9.sniper rifle has a 2 shot mag

10.heavy assult has increased deviation

11.special ops gun is more accurate

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