Desert Combat Movie Edition v1.0

A mod for Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat designed for...

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  • Size 13.4 MB
  • Program by -=Battlefield=--NL

Desert Combat Movie Edition v1.0

A mod for Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat designed for filming purposes. It adds five controllable camera's to all official Desert Combat maps.

Desert Combat Movie Edition.

We have developed a new mod for creating movies in desert combat. This is after fiddling around with different camera positions and finding the limitations of the standard camera positions in battlefield 1942.

There are five types of camera's

To use 1 of the 4 different "freecams" ; enter one of the toilets, like you enter a vehicle; now you stand there leaking.

Press fire to release the cam, and off you go ( controls-panel is on the hud )

The fifth type of camera ( the one attached on the vehicles ) is controlled by a second person, so the driver can focus on a smooth ride/ flight and the camera-man on a smooth shot of that.

The mod requires DC 0.7 and BF1942 1.6

To see a demonstration of it's possibilities, visit us at

Supported Maps

Al Khafji Docks

Basrahs Edge

Battle of 73 Easting

Battle of the Bulge




Bocage Day2

Bocage Day3


El Alamein

El Alamein Day2

El Alamein Day3



Inshallah Valley

Iwo Jima


Kharkov Day2



Market Garden

Medina Ridge


No Fly Zone

No Fly Zone Day2

Oil Fields

Omaha Beach

Operation Bragg

Sea Rigs



Urban Siege


Weapon Bunkers


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