Saddam1942 is a mod for both Battlefield 1942 and Desert


Saddam1942 is a mod for both Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat, where Saddam Hussein travels back in time to conquer the world in 1942.


Author: Uday Husayn Al-Tikriti

[email protected] (temporary)

The United States and the United Kingdom defeated Saddam in overwhelming victories in 1991 and 2003 -- but could they do it in 1942?

Saddam1942 is a Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat mod that takes place in a parallel universe, where Saddam has travelled back in time along top members of his regime, his weapons of mass destruction, and 100,000 Republican Guard soldiers to conquer the Earth in 1942 with vastly superior weaponry.

Saddam1942 is a marriage of Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat, where "Lion of Babylon" T-72s smash Sherman tanks like cardboard boxes and Yak9s fall from the sky like rain from the missiles of merciless MiG29s.

Yes, it is unfair -- which is why the Axis/Allied team ratio should be set to at least 2:1. You can choose to be the Iraqi butcher who can slaughter the Americans and British behind a T-72 and get 120 kills, or you can be the clever GI who can cheer and then mock the Iraqis after shooting down a MiG29 Fulcrum with a P-51 Mustang.

However, it still takes teamwork to win on either side.

Battlefield 1942 v1.31 with DesertCombat 0.35e installed is required to play Saddam1942.

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