Crete (Dreamer Mix)

A nice and slow cover of an Indiana Jones and the Fate of...

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  • Program by Bart Klepka

Crete (Dreamer Mix)

A nice and slow cover of an Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis tune, quite enigma-like.





FILENAME: Bart Klepka - Crete (Dreamer Mix).mp3

SONG TITLE: "Crete (Dreamer Mix)"

MIXED BY: Bart Klepka

ORIGINAL ARTIST: Clint Bajakian, Peter McConnell & Michael Z. Land

GAME: Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis

DATE MIXED: 20.12.1999

MP3 QUALITY: 128Kpbs, 44Khz, Stereo

MUSIC STYLE: Orchestral/Electronic





Being a big Indy, LucasArts and Harrison Ford fan, I found this mix to be a more personal tribute piece really. The music from the Indy Atlantis game potrayed the whole game and storyline very well, everything from Sofia, the nazis and, ofcourse Atlantis. The Crete Labyrinth was definately a turn in the game and for the music aswell, no longer above on surface, Indy goes a tad more serious when he entered the underground caves of Atlantis. If you've played the game before, and I sure hope most of you have, listen to this mix, close your eyes, and imagine walking down the hallways of Atlantis.

It took me quite some time to arrange all the chords and different instruments to sound the way I wanted them to, and once I did, I started thinking of the styles that could work well with this theme. After trying some faster styles first, I found greater potential using slower drums, but still something that would sound good with an orchestral piece. Eventually I arranged some nice enigma style drum-loops and decided that those would surely be the most effective. I am definately proud of this one, and realise why it took three musicians to write such beautiful music.


EMAIL: [email protected]

ICQ: 2778980


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