Sietch To Sietch (Sekence Mix)

A trancey/acid remix of one of the tunes from the original...

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  • Program by Bart Klepka

Sietch To Sietch (Sekence Mix)

A trancey/acid remix of one of the tunes from the original Dune game, great quality.





FILENAME: Bart Klepka - Sietch To Sietch (Sekence Mix) [Dune].mp3

SONG TITLE: "Sietch To Sietch (Sekence Mix)"

MIXED BY: Bart Klepka


GAME: Dune

DATE MIXED: 26.03.2001

MP3 QUALITY: 128Kpbs, 44Khz, Stereo

MUSIC STYLE: Trance/Acid





My second Dune mix. Very different from the first, but still it captures my feelings towards the game vividly. In the game you would very often be in the air flying all around the planet, whether from the palace to a dealer, or a fortress, or even from sietch to sietch, hence the name. The actual song I mixed is not actually the song that plays when you are in the Ornithopter, but I think it would do just as well. I remember once flying around for what seemed hours, since you could free-fly where ever you wanted, and this mix is what I wanted to represent that with. Sekence I took from the name of the midi file it was in, although I'm still not sure what it means, it resembles 'Sequence' and I love it.

The midi version of this song was very hard to understand. It plays extremely different from the original game version, but it did help me figure out notes and chords in some spots. It didn't take me all that long to transpose the song, and once I did I started testing quite a few different samples. When I heard the main sequence using the acid sample, I knew it was there to stay. I also added a second acid track of my own to make the song more full-on. For the chord chime sequence I used a Vibe Chime instrument, and added some hefty reverb to it at the end, I'm happy with it's result, I think I got the volume right this time. Strings helped the chimes bring out the chord progressions, and I was going to add in a choir set to enhance it, but as I chose to go with a techno/dance drum set, I thought a trance effect instrument would work better. Sequence-wise, the drums didn't undergo and heavy variations, although while mastering I did add quite a few effects to the drum tracks here and there. And ofcourse, I added little things all over the place, like some sfx pads, a break-drum pattern as a fill-in, and my own flutey lead aswell.


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