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Promise (Reprise)

From the Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtrack...

Publisher: Akira Yamaoka 

Sonic X French Opening Song

The French opening song of Sonic X...

Publisher: Super_Sonic 

Crete (Dreamer Mix)

A nice and slow cover of an Indiana Jones and the Fate of...

Publisher: Bart Klepka 

Blizzard Music Contest Entry - Marlan-Undercity:Requiem for a Scream

This song is for the Blizzard Music Contest and is a...

Publisher: Marlan 

Sonic X UK Opening

The UK opening song for Sonic X...

Publisher: Super_Sonic 

Sietch To Sietch (Sekence Mix)

A trancey/acid remix of one of the tunes from the original...

Publisher: Bart Klepka 

Blizzard Music Contest Entry - TItle Queen of the Damned

We all play undead characthers in the Hellscream Horde...

Publisher: Bythar, Valadore, Amaraverene 

Blizzard Music Contest Entry - an EPIC TAIL

this is a song I made inspired by the great game of DIABLO...

Publisher: Ezekiel Farawan 

Rockman X 4 Iris Theme

Rockman/Megaman X 4 Iris Theme...

Publisher: Capcom 

Blizzard Music Contest Entry - Me Smash, You Die

This is for the blizzard music contest...

Publisher: Recognizer