Locked Up

A simple level with very difficult encounters...

Locked Up

A simple level with very difficult encounters.




Title: : "Locked up"

Description: : Single Player for Half Life

Filename: : lockedup.bsp

Author : RELROJB, Gothenburg, Sweden

E-mail Address : [email protected]

* Story *

Well, there's not much to it really; After having survived the

adventures in the REAL Halflife game, Gordon Freeman didn't get his

share of the excitement, so he asked me for new jobs.

Fortunately the Grunt organisation called SHITHEAD org recently took over

a nuclear powerplant locking all the scientists up.

Gordon got really upset, 'cause he needs the power from the plant for his


Therefor he agreed to rescue the scientists for free, What a guy !!!

When you see the scientists in the bunker the game is over !!!

If you didn't get fed up, you could always walk around a little while !!!!!!


* Installation *

Extract the bsp file to your Half-Life\valve\maps folder. Extract the nod-file

to the Half-life\valve\maps\graphs folder.

Make a shortcut to Hl.exe (IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY !) console like:

C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -toconsole or:C:\SIERRA\Half-life\hl.exe -console

When the console comes up just type: "map lockedup" !!!!!!!!!!!!


* Play Information *

Single Player :Yes

Cooperative :No

Deathmatch/CTF :No

New textures :No

New Models :No

New Sounds :No

NOTE: I've included some AUTOSAVE points in the game, so you don't have to worry

about saving the game manually!!!!

* Construction *

Build time :75 Hours approx

Compiler :CELERON 333 / 64 MB /SOFTWARE

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