Pocket rogue

You are a local fighter picked to enter the foul dungeons of...

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Pocket rogue

You are a local fighter picked to enter the foul dungeons of doom and recover the long lost amulet of yendor.

PocketRogue - RogueClone5.3 for Palm/Pilot.

TAKEBAYASHI Tomoaki 1999.

- What's is all about?

You've just finished several years of training as a student at the local

fighters guild, and you're now ready to indulge in your first adventure.

The local guildmasters have decided to send you off into the hideous and

foul Dungeons of Doom, and have asked you to return to town with the

renowned Amulet of Yendor. If you succeed, you'll become a fully fledged

member of the fighters guild, and you'll get to keep the booty you

returned with. You start off your journey with an enchanted mace, a bow,

a quiver of arrows, elven armour and enough food for you to reach the


see official site. (http://www.win.tue.nl/games/roguelike/rogue/index.html)

- How to Play:

For 8-direction move, use "Tap", "Graffiti", or "Hard Button".

For command, "Menu", "Graffiti", or "Hard Button".

- Command map

Command Keys

s: search

i: inventory

f: fight

F: fight to the death

e: Eat

q: Quaff

r: Read a scroll

d: Drop

P: Put on ring

R: Remove a ring

>: Descend level

<: Ascend level

): List weapons

]: List armour

=: List rings

^: Identify trap

T: Take off

W: Wear armour

w: Wield weapon

z: Zap something

t: Throw something

v: Version

- Hard Button's command map.

-- Playing Game:

[DateBook] : search x 10

[Address] : move to left

[Up/Down] : move to up/down

[Todo] : move to right

[Memo] : show popup list

[Find] : show dungeon map

[Calc] : toggle status line

-- Popuplist

[DateBook] : +10

[Address] : -10

[Up/Down] : +1/-1

[To Do] : cancel

[MemoPad] : select item

[Menu] : none

- Disclaimer:

Author makes NO WARRANTY with respect to this software.

This software is provided AS IS. Please use this at your own risk.

Enjoy happy hacking!

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