Apple wars

You are Steve Jobs of apple computer and decide to go back...

Apple wars

You are Steve Jobs of apple computer and decide to go back in time and kill Bill Gates.


My first and latest level for Kyle's Quest, the greatest game ever for

the 'Pilot. You're Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and you decide to go

back in time and kill Bill Gates so he and Microsoft wouldn't interfere

with Apple's progress in the future. Based on Austin Powers, it's a

really funny game that pokes fun at the going ons in Apple. This is

also the first Kyle's Quest level dedicated specifically to a company.


Talking Events: 63

Flags: 32

Map Changes: 20

Events: 12

Endings: 2

Special Monsters: 2

Questions: 1


Steve Jobs as himself

Tom Cruise as Bill Gates

Sean Connery as Paul Allen

Mel Gibson as the iMac Guy

Ken Schmidt as himself (the drunken janitor)

and Bill Gates as the moronic inventory secretary

Windows CE?:

Sorry, we don't do CE. If you're unfortunate enough to have a

Windows CE device, E-mail me at [email protected] for information

on how to get a CE version. Thank you. =)


Written by Tim Rzeznik ([email protected])

Co-Written by Chris Slamar ([email protected])

Directed by Tim Rzeznik

Created by Tim Rzeznik

Produced by Tim Rzeznik

Casting by Tim Rzeznik

Coming Soon:

I am working on a bunch of other projects for the 'Pilot. One of them

includes another Kyle's Quest level. Like 'AppleWars!', this level will

remain top secret until it is released. However, I do accept bribes ;-)

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