Extraction at Base Camp

A Ghost Recon Hamburger Hill type Multiplayer mission on the...

Extraction at Base Camp

A Ghost Recon Hamburger Hill type Multiplayer mission on the Caves Map. Unlike usual Hamburger Hill settings, your team wins the game if it hold the Base for 3 minutes in a row. The Base camp is the Tent camp located on the NE area of the map.

This is a mission file. As such it doesn't require any MOD installation. Just copy it in the Mods/Origmiss/Mission folder of your GhostRecon directory of the server that will run it. It won't erase or replace any file. The clients don't need it to play in it. As the server admin, though, you need to select Game Mode Team, and use Mission. You will then select "Extraction at Base Camp" in the list of the left. The recommended settings are 15mn play, and Respawn infinite. Yek! I know, I usually don't like respawn too much. I'm trying to work out the script so that a team respawn at their starting base only when all the members of the team are dead. But I'm not there yet... Right now, by setting Respawn on, you will be respawned randomly on the western part of the map, but never in the camp itself or directly around it!

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