Ghost Recon - Suleova TEMP [Team Edit MapPack]

This is a mappack of great Ghost Recon maps...

Ghost Recon - Suleova TEMP [Team Edit MapPack]

This is a mappack of great Ghost Recon maps. Every map has been edited to include team spawn points.

This Ghost Recon Mappack contains what I believe are the best of the best original Ghost Recon maps. I say original because these maps are maps made exclusively by and for the GR fans. They have not been lifted ideas from other games. Although all the original missions had to be stripped to keep the download size small, Harntrox's Mission HX (a random mission mod) has been included. This mappack has received permission from every original author who has responded to my emails, pms, and open postings in public forum. Only three maps have not received any approval or disapproval due to lack of communication by the original author. (What I am saying is this is not a rip-off. It is legit and supported by the modding community.)

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