Mine Map v1.2

A tank battle...

Mine Map v1.2

A tank battle. Including minefields, air attacks, changing weather (in the hardest mode), apc unloading personel, and a strict plan to follow ...

update to ver. 1.2

Advanced tankbattle. With added minefields, helicopters, airattacks and a strickt plan (single player game).

A tank battle ??? . Including minefields, air attacks,helicopters, changing weather (in the elite mode), armoured personel carriers unloading personel, and a strict plan to follow.I have done a lot to give you the experience of a battlefield.It is wery hard in elite mode, and ive made it easy in recuit mode ...

Top 3 Mine Map v1.2 Alternatives

Ghost Recon - Suleova TEMP [Team Edit MapPack]

This is a mappack of great Ghost Recon maps...

Extraction at Base Camp

A Ghost Recon Hamburger Hill type Multiplayer mission on the...

PDL Artillery Support Mod For Ghost Recon

Each team must fight to control the village in the center of...

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